Young Oceans is a band you should listen to…here’s why…

1. They write beautiful songs.

The songs are both beautiful in sound with strings and near whispered vocals, and in the beautifully deep lyrical content. It’s sparse in amount of words, but effective a tuning the listeners minds on the right person: Jesus. Plus, we need beauty in our lives and they have sonic beauty in spades.

Here are seven of their previously released songs I highly recommend…

“Come to us O Lord” – advent

“My All In Thee” – advent

“To Thee We Run” – advent

“Vidi Aquam” – I must find you

“How cold it is” – I must find you

“Only you” – I must find you

“I will be still” – Young Oceans 

2. Their music is perfect for quiet contemplative personal worship.

Most music in the modern worship genre is geared toward the corporate church gathering. Nothing wrong with that per se, but one byproduct is music that is formulaic and easy for an average congregant to pick up on quickly. Young Oceans makes music you want to listen to again and again, immersing yourself in lyrics and the many layers of there depth. It’s music for personal worship times.

3. They are independent musicians. 

They are not signed to a record label so they they make music, but not necessarily to make a living. This is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, no pressure to release music for the masses or on a certain timetable from the label. On the other hand there’s not the financial backing needed to write, record, and release that a label typically offers. So we should listen to their music for sure, and if we like it…support it with our money so they can keep making more! Besides, radio is rarely the best any genre has to offer…dig a little deeper.

4. They have an amazing new album coming out Friday Oct. 20th titled “SUDDENLY (or the nuclear sunburst of the truth revealed).

Here’s my review of it here:

Seriously, this album is so good, and you should definitely hear it, if not own it, and tell everyone who likes music about it.

Support great music and give it a shot! Happy listening!