I have neither the time nor the energy to give this album a proper 25th birthday post, but just wanted to put something out there celebrating a pivotal album from my formative years. Free at Last is one of several CCM albums that ultimately shaped my music taste and love for Christian music. I had previously only listened to sounds and styles of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, The Imperials, Cindy Morgan, Susan Ashton and Newsong so this was a major stylistic jump for me. I still cannot believe I have been actively listening to and collecting music for over 25 years now!

I first heard it at my Youth Pastor’s house in the 1993-1994 timeframe as I was just starting to listen to music beyond what my parents played at home. I borrowed it from their music collection and I do not remember ever returning it! (Oops!) Anyway, though it sounds somewhat dated now, I can still sing most of the words to this one all these years later and it always bring a smile to my face. Dctalk would go on to bigger and better things, but Free at Last was a huge step forward in their career and paved the way for two more amazing albums in Jesus Freak and Supernatural. More rock/rap than the two prior rap albums, the songs that I feel still hold up the best are, “Luv is a Verb,” “The Hardway”, “Say the Words,” and “Lean on Me.”

What about you? Where were you when you first heard “Free at Last?” What songs still put a smile on your face? I would love to hear from you!