I was reminded of this awesome worship compilation released in May of 1998 when searching through Spotify late one night and thought I’d do a brief retrospective on it. I cannot believe this one is twenty years old! This one really pre-dates all the worship albums that would soon flood the market and I feel due to some stellar songs really stands up well after all these years. Let’s go song by song and see what kind of rating we get…

1. “Exodus” – Exodus (4.5 Stars)

This is an instrumental composed by Michael W. Smith, who was also the impetus behind the project. It’s a great call to worship.

2. “My Will” – DC Talk (5 Stars)

One of Dctalk’s best overall songs in my opinion. Each vocalist is given time to shine, and this song will get stuck in your head.

3. “Needful Hands” – Jars Of Clay (5 Stars)

Very acoustic, very much Jars, this is a personal favorite that is excellently executed.

4. “Brighten My Heart” – Sixpence None The Richer (5 Stars)

A truly beautiful sentiment performed by the angelic voiced Leigh Nash of Sixpence. It’s a highlight of the album and in the top five songs on this album if I were to rank them.

5. “Make Us One” – Cindy Morgan (4.5 Stars)

This one stars as a whisper and continues to build and build until exposing into a chorus of voices as she pleads for God to “make us one.” A beautiful, rousing call to unity set to a strong piano melody.

6. “Nothin'” – Chris Rice (4.5 Stars)

The simplicity of this guitar led time is its strength. Picture a dark night, a campfire, and Chris Rice’s warm voice as he reminds that nothing makes us whole except the blood of Jesus.

7. “Draw Me Close” – The Katinas (4.5 Stars)

Somewhat cheesy lyrics are made up for with worshipful earnestness. A personal favorite.

8. “Agnus Dei” – Third Day (5 Stars)

If possible they took a Smitty song and made it better. A great rock cover of his song that became a concert staple for the band. Very well done guitar licks in this one.

9. “Salvation Belongs To Our God” – Crystal Lewis (4.5 Stars)

Man, can Lewis belt! Love her voice! Forgive the pun, but her voice is crystal clear and engaging. This song always has me singing it to myself throughout the day after hearing it.

10. “I See You” – Michael W. Smith (4 Stars)

Smith honors his late friend Rich Mullins by singing one of his songs. He does a fine, if not safe rendition, but it’s definitely worthy of inclusion in the tracklist.

All told we get an average of 4.6 Stars overall. All these years later I’m comfortable with a solid 4 and a half Star rating, as many of these songs would make the individual artists best of songlist. This is a great one to revisit, and well worth owning if you can track down a cheap used copy. Also if you are interested in more in depth reviews click here: https://jesusfreakhideout.com/cdreviews/Exodus.asp

Happy listening!