PFR was a band that was criminally underrated during their time in my opinion. Though they had several radio hits, they never seemed to take off in a way that I had hoped. So many great songs during their all too short career spanning 1992-1997, and then a comeback album in 2001.

When rumors of another comeback swirled in 2012-2013 my hopes soared with the possibilities of new music or a tour. Regrettably, I hadn’t caught a PFR show yet and was hoping to remedy that mistake. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and nothing materialized with the band officially going their separate ways. My sadness aside, there is still a strong and timeless catalogue of songs to revisit often.

Below are what I think are their twenty best songs. Many could have made the list but these are the ones that have had the deepest and longest lasting impact on me. Also, I’d love to see your list so share in the comments below!

1. “Anything” – Them (1996)

2. “Let Go” – Pray For Rain (1992)

3. “Pour Me Out” – Them (1996)

4. “Life Goes On” – Great Lengths (1994)

5. “Name” – The Late Great PFR (1998)

6. “Great Lengths” – Great Lengths (1994)

7. “Merry Go Round” – Great Lengths (1994)

8. “That Kind Of Love” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

9. “Forever” – The Late Great PFR (1998)

10. “On And On” – Pray For Rain (1992)

11. “The Love I Know” – Great Lengths (1994)

12. “Walk Away From Love” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

13. “Do You Want To Know Love” – Pray For Rain (1992)

14. “Missing Love” – Disappear (2001)

15. “Pray For Rain” – Pray For Rain (1992)

16. “Wait For The Sun” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

17. “Goldie’s Last Day” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

18. “Wonder Why” – Great Lengths (1994)

19. “Falling” – Disappear (2001)

20. “Me” – Disappear (2001)