With such a long and prolific career spanning the late 80’s to now, it was still surprisingly easy to rank The Newsboys top five of their catalogue. They have had three different lead singers, and three very distinct eras of albums spanning pop, rock, worship, and now back to pop. However, I think they had a very specific high point as a band as far a creativity and “classic” albums that stand up over time go. Full disclosure…I do not submit this article and ranking from a music critics perspective, but simply as one fans opinion. Please feel free to disagree and even tell me about it.

With that being said, here’s what I consider to be their top five albums…

1. Take Me To Your Leader (1996)

I think I would be tough to deny this as their true magnum opus, though I could see a case being made for Going Public. In my opinion There’s just too many things right about TMTYL to overcome it as their best. Argument one: the song “Lost The Plot” is in the tracklist. End of argument. Just kidding. But, seriously, with “Breakfast,” “Reality,” “God Is Not A Secret,” and the title track it’s near impossible to say they have a better overall album.

2. Thrive (2002)

I went back and forth about this being number two or number three, but ultimately it has to be here for me. It was the album that really bridged into the worship leaning albums to follow. “It Is You” and “Lord I Don’t Know,” are excellent additions to their catalogue and the worship genre overall. With pop/rock goodies like “Giving it Over,” “Live in Stereo, “Million Pieces,” and “John Woo” they hit the sweet spot of quirky lyrics and catchy pop/rock tunes.

3. Step Up To The Microphone (1998)

Due to the time in my life it released, I’ve probably heard this Newsboys album the most times through. It was a fun pop/rock staple of my junior year of high school. It was Peter’s first foray into lead singing and I don’t think the band missed a beat in the transition which is pretty amazing. “Entertaining Angels” is my favorite, but I also really enjoy “Woohoo,” “Step Up To The Microphone,” and “Truth Be Known (Everybody Gets A Shot).”

4. Going Public (1994)

The list of others would likely rank this one higher, and though it has classics like “Shine,” “Spirit Thing,” “Truth & Consequences,” and “Elle G.,” there’s a few that I skip each time I re-listen to the album. Still a great overall album.

5. Love Liberty Disco (1999)

Perhaps a surprise to many to be considered one of their top five, this one is highly, and I believe unfairly maligned. The cover doesn’t do it any favors, nor does the all white motif, or the title of the album for that matter; but it is full of really strong songs. “Beautiful Sound,” “Forever Man,” “Say You Need Love,” “Good Stuff,” and “I Surrender All,” are all fantastic tunes. Give this one another shot if it’s been awhile.

There you have it. I’d love to hear from you! What would your top five of their long and storied career look like? Happy listening!