My history with the Newsboys is a long one that began with their 1992 album, Not Ashamed. However, It wasn’t until their smash song “Shine” hit my teenage ears in 1994, that I became a full blown fan. It was the first song I ever remember running to tape from the radio (shhh, don’t tell) so I could listen to it over and over. I’ve been a fan ever since, though my interest has waned since Peter Furler and Phil Joel parted ways with the band making way for Michael Tait to take lead. Not that the Tait era has been bad, it just wasn’t my cup o’ tea. (Pun intended!) My intrigue was piqued when I heard that Furler and Joel would be rejoining a The now named Newsboys United lineup for touring purposes. I caught a show last year and loved it, as it was a great blend of eras old and new. Now, ahead of their expected May release of a Newsboys United album, I thought I’d rank my favorite Newsboys songs so far. Here goes…1. “Lost The Plot”

The total experience is seeing this song live, but the lyrics still apply to today, if not more than ever.

2. “Entertaining Angels”

A Phil Joel led tune, this is a perfect pop song.

3. “Shine”

It’s arguably their most well known and loved song. Steve Taylor assists to provide truly bizarre and unique lyrics.

4. “Take Me To Your Leader”

The keyboard squeal and bouncy guitar make this a total ear worm jam.

5. “Breakfast”

Tasty guitar riff, quirky lyrics, and breakfast cereal references…classic.

6. “God Is Not A Secret”

A window down all the way jam. Furlers’s voice talked on a gravelly growl that fits the defiant attitude of the song to a T.

7. “It is You”

For my money, the best worship focused tune Furler has written to date.

8. “He Reigns”

The best songs from either of the Adoration/Devotion albums, with a killer choir part.

9. “Spirit Thing”

A loved roller skating to this song as a teen.

10. “Step Up To The Microphone”

Somewhat ahead of its time, this song has pop/rock bounce and tasty brass combo. It’s Dance-y in all the right ways.

11. “Million Pieces (Kissin’ Your Cares Goodbye)”

I’ve always loved the Furler & Joel harmonies on this one.

12. “Joy”

Part of the Newsboys Shine The Hits compilation, this song fit nicely in the Step Up To The Microphone/Love, Liberty, Disco era.

13. “I’m Not Ashamed”

Maybe the most dated sounding of their songs, it still paved the way for many exemplary songs to follow.

14. “Elle G”

Haunting. Beautiful. Moving.

15. “Something Beautiful”

Easily the best song from their Go album.

16. “Reality”

Another in a long line of quirky fun songs. What other song contains the phrase shoveling elephant dung?

17. “Lord (I Don’t Know)

It’s worshipful, but it still rocks pretty hard, and the lyrics have always spoken to me.

18. “Giving It Over”

The guitar riff is dirty and grinding on this one. Great album opener.

19. “Truth & Consequence”

It was years before I fully understood the lyrical meaning, but I always loved the tune.

20. “I Cannot Get You Out of My System”

One of the first Newsboys I ever heard and it still brings a smile to mind face each time I hear it. “Oi boy…”

How about you? What are your favorite Newsboys tunes?

Happy listening!