Shift happens. So what do you do, when life seems to be hitting the fan? Well, if you are anything like me you might have any one of the following reactions: denial, whining, bargaining, resignation, shutdown, prayer, holding on for dear life, etc. Perhaps you can identify?

Friends, there is another way! (Though, believe me, I’m still in process, nowhere near the finish line of this lesson) It won’t be easy, and yes, it could hurt momentarily, but there is a light at the end, that is worth moving toward.

Also, let me say this…God Loves you, and though you may not see it, or believe it just yet, it is His loving hand that presses the shift key in each of our lives. You may object, and I don’t blame you, yesterday, and the last few weeks I’d agree with you. With my recent resignation from a beloved youth ministry position, the selling of our house, and no new job or house to replace it, has me right there with you. Jobless and homeless, but not hopeless y’all! 😀

God is in control, He is faithful, He will provide, of this I’m sure…however, I don’t see how just yet. Hang tight, let’s journey this walk of faith together…For some perspective, let me attempt to unpack a metaphor that came to me today concerning the modern day computer keyboard, and the many functions of the Shift key.I will aim for brevity, as I do not have this fully fleshed out, so forgive me as I think (or write) out loud. I simply wish to pose some questions for further personal pondering, and maybe a different perspective on whatever life circumstances you may be dealing with currently.

So what does a shift key do?

Here is my paraphrase of a quick google search of a definition and explanation…

First, and foremost, the shift key allows you to capitalize. Secondly, characters that typically require the use of the shift key include the parentheses, the question mark, the exclamation point, and the colon.

So let’s break down these five uses for the shift key with a definition and a life application in the form of “what if” questions.Capitalization = take the chance to gain advantage from. (Among other definitions)

What if God wants you to shift toward something bigger that He has for you?

Parentheses = an aside from the main point.

What if God wants to shift the focus of your life, using what has previously felt like an “aside?”

Question mark = used to express doubt or uncertainty about something.

What if God wants you to shift into asking different questions?

Exclamation point = a sudden cry or remark, especially expressing surprise, anger, or pain.

What if God is shifting you for your voice to become louder, or your passion stronger, on an issue important to Him?

Colon = a punctuation mark used to precede a list of items, a quotation, or an expansion or explanation.

What if God wants to shift your attention from your to do list, to His?

Would it be that God could ever so gently get us to see the bigger picture!

When shift happens, we may have to drop what we’re holding. If what we are so desperately clinging to is anything other than Christ Jesus Himself, we will find we don’t miss it as much as we thought.

So, we can complain, we can dig in our heels, we can grieve the loss of (and rightfully so), but hopefully we can get to the place of perspective; the “what if?” Perspective. Our loving Father’s perspective. So that when shift happens, (and it will!) we can hold onto Jesus! Amen and amen!