Kanye, I’m listening…

Only Jesus satisfies, and I think you’ve lived enough life, and searched in enough wrong places to know this…keep living it! thumbnailJesus Is King is an album that perfectly describes the state of Kanye’s faith journey…in process. Though if we’re being honest aren’t we all? As I listen, I hear attempts at humility woven through a life of selfishness, I hear heavenly longings sought for in earthly pursuits, and If I’m honest, I see myself in the mirror. 

Overall, the album feels half-baked, like an idea not fully formed, however, I’m okay with that. At twenty-seven minutes across eleven tracks it’s a refreshingly short snapshot into a life newly given and living for Christ. Sometimes things are best said with brevity and given time to sink in with repeat listens. I appreciate that Kanye has something to say but doesn’t feel the need to say it, and say it, and say it…though at times the album does leave you wanting more detail. In fact, this may have worked better as a 5-6 song EP allowing him to release something while still fleshing out ideas needing more time. 

Songs that I’ve had on repeat so far are “Selah,” “Follow God,” “God Is,” and “Hands On.” Will there be staying power? A deeper look inside Kanye’s conversion? A more fleshed out version of this album? Only time will tell, but I for one am rooting for him and praying for continued growth and perseverance. I hope he keeps the long view, as at the time of this writing mainstream critics are split on their thoughts, and fans seem to be too. 

Though the chances of him ever reading this are slim to none, I would want Kanye to know that I’m with him. I would want him to keep forgiving, even as he continues to receive God’s forgiveness. 

I would want him to forgive me for judging before listening, for my suspicious nature, and for my thoughts like “we’ll see” and “check the fruit.” He has stood for, and perpetuated things in his music that have kept me from tuning in previously. But I choose to believe that he is sincere, and I pray that that he sticks with this. Only Jesus satisfies, and that’s for me as much as it is for him. That’s for all of us. 

I’m sorry for the backlash that he’ll be receiving from all sides, but more specifically for those who also claim to love Jesus as they misunderstand him, and sling hurtful words his way. Let’s be better than that brothers and sisters in Christ. We aren’t perfect either, still in process, so let’s release grace for Kanye, just as we have received grace from God. We all need it everyday. Let’s celebrate this moment and support him in prayer. 

Thanks for living for Christ Kanye, yours is a public faith and scrutiny I will never face, stay strong. Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with our God. 

Jesus is King and only Jesus satisfies!