To be fully present is the greatest gift we can give those we are presently with.

This is not a new idea, but I believe a very important principle to practice in our increasingly distracted world. It is something I’m working on, and hope to grow in this year.

The word “with” is our family word for 2020. I plan to write on it often this year, as it will likely unfold slowly, just a little bit at a time. So far, my understanding of the word and it’s application stems from the biblical passage Romans 12:15, “Celebrate with those that celebrate, and weep with those that grieve.” TPT

What a profoundly simple, and yet incredibly difficult thing to do! So many times I’ve been jealous or mopey of other’s successes because I’ve operated under the insane (and I do mean insane) premise that there is lack in the Kingdom of God. What?! Worse yet, I’ve tried to fix a problem I cannot fix, setting myself up as a savior that I am not. Or I’ve tried to slough off the pain of another with true, but unhelpful platitudes like “everything happens for a reason,” “God works all things for good,” or “yeah, but atleast…” These phrases are like arrows to those with deep, present pain, and I actually wield them as weapons more than wisdom in those moments.

If I’m sure of anything, I know the grace of God will produce a greater harvest of goodness as I keep “with” at the forefront of my mind and life this year. I look forward to seeing how He weaves it in and through everything I read, watch, listen to, and write. I invite you along for the journey.

Friends, let us all practice the simplicity of with this year. Because I believe this is the greatest gift we can give to those around us.