Every dc Talk Song Ranked

It’s a close call but due to starting with them earlier in my musical journey than any other band, dc Talk takes the honor of being the most influential on formative years during the 90s. With four albums releasing in the decade and three of the four maintaining classic status to this day they have a strong albeit short(ish) catalogue. After combing back through their body of work I was surprised to see the high amount of cover songs (11) that they mixed in to their albums. In fact, if you don’t count the covers, skits, and spoken word pieces, their original output was a mere fifty-seven songs. Further still some of those originals don’t hold up well and remain on the cringe-y side. However, all that said, dc Talk packed a powerful and undeniable impact on the Christian music world. Each of their last three albums could pass for greatest hits compilations. Ultimately, there are…so. Many. Great. Songs.

Here’s my attempt to rank every skit, song, or spoken word ever recorded by the band. Hope you enjoy!

77. “WDCT”

76. “2 Honks & A Negro”

75. “Time Tah Jam”

74. “Final Days”

73. “Voices Praise Him”

72. “Gah To Be”

71. “Word 2 The Father”

70. “We Three Kings” – Joyful Christmas Compilation (1994)

69. “Jesus is Just Alright (Reprise)”

68. “Godsend”

67. “The King (Aleluia)”

66. “Testimony”

65. “Mrs. Morgan”

64. “Don’t Want It”

63. “He Loves Me”

62. “When Dctalks”

61. “He Works”

60. “I Luv Rap Music”

59. “Nu Thang”

58. “Talk It Out”

57. “Can I Get A Witness”

56. “Children Can Live (Without It)”

55. “Willpower”

54. “Greer”

53. “Take It To The Lord”

52. “Walls”

51. “Let’s Roll” – Let’s Roll: Together In Unity Faith Hope (2002)

50. “Chance” – Intermission: The Greatest Hits (2000)

49. “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” – Welcome To The Freakshow (1997)

48. “Heavenbound”

47. “The Truth”

46. “Help” – Welcome To The Freakshow (1997)

45. “Fly Like An Eagle” – Welcome To The Freakshow (1997)

44. “Wanna Be Loved”

43. “Jesus Freak (Reprise)”

42. “Fearless”

41. “Spinnin’ Round”

40. “There Is A Treason At Sea”

39. “No More”

38. “The Cross” – Kevin Max Album The Blood (2007)

37. “Alas, My Love”

36. “That Kind of Girl”

35. “Love Feels Like” – Tobymac Album This Is Not A Test (2015)

34. “40” – Solo (2001)

33. “Things Of This World”

32. “Red Letters”

31. “Spirit In The Sky” – Music From And Inspired By Jesus The Epic Mini-Series (2000)

30. “My Deliverer” – Prince of Egypt Soundtrack/Rich Mullins Cover (1998)

29. “Sugarcoat It” – Intermission: Greatest Hits (2000)

28. “Into Jesus”

27. “Like It, Love It, Need It”

26. “Supernatural”

25. “Atmosphere” – Tobymac Album Welcome To Diverse City (2004)

24. “Its Killing Me”

23. “Consume Me”

22. “Lean On Me”

21. “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” – One Way: The Songs of Larry Norman (1995)

20. “Since I Met You”

19. “Free At Last”

18. “Day By Day

17. “Mind’s Eye”

16. “Socially Acceptable”

15. “Jesus Is Just Alright With Me”

14. “So Help Me God”

13. “Time Is…”

12. “Dive”

11. “Just Between You And Me”

10. “Say The Words”

9. “Luv Is A Verb”

8. “What Have We Become?”

7. “Colored People”

6. “My Will”

5. “The Hardway”

4. “In The Light”

3. “My Friend (So Long)”

2. “Jesus Freak”

1. “What If I Stumble”

There you have it! What do you think? How would you rank their top 10 songs? Top 25? I’d love to hear from you! Like the post if you liked it, leave a comment where you agree/disagree, or share it with a fellow dc Talk fan if you wanted foster conversation about the 90s best super group!

As always…Happy listening!


  1. DC Talk arrived (well Jesus freak anyway) just after I left school and was the sound of the next half a decade. Some of there tunes are just simply some of the best songs of the era. My top 5 would be (and this is hard) 10. Nu thang (don’t judge me lol) 9.What have we become? 8.Dive 7 What if I stumble? .6. My deliverer (SO UNDERRATED) 5.Colored people 4.Consume me 3.Between you and me 2. Jesus Freak 1. In the Light. Just awesome music.

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  2. Great list! Your number 23 pick is my number one dc talk song, but otherwise my ranking would be pretty similar to yours (I’ve never listened to their first two albums, but I doubt it would change my top 30 or 40 very much)

    Have been into dc talk since someone gifted me Free at Last as a 10-year old (Christmas 93), and then Jesus Freak really revolutionised my personal music journey. I just read your other blog about an imaginary sixth dc talk album. I often thought “what could have been” on those early solo albums – like I have to choose between eating cake, ice cream, or topping, when they taste best together!

    It would be strange, but a part of me still hopes they’ll come together for another album – I didn’t think the intermission would still be ongoing in my late thirties 🙂

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    1. Yep, Dctalk, Jars of Clay, the Newsboys, PFR, The Kry, Audio Adrenaline and wonderful many more are absolutely essentials that shaped me as a young believer growing up. Still love them all greatly. Thanks for reading and commenting! I love connecting with people and taking them on joyrides down memory lane. Blessings!


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