Every PFR Song Ranked

PFR (Pray for Rain) is a band who burned bright out of the gate, and then faded out fast. The main body of their work, aka their first 4 albums, came in the years spanning 1992-1996 with a comeback album after reuniting briefly in 2001, only to fade away again. In many respects this was a band I was destined to fall for…world class harmonies, sticky melodies, and fantastic guitar work…Taking the best aspects of The Beatles, ELO, Badfinger, and Jellyfish I was hooked from the start.

Although I’ve described them as underrated before, perhaps a better description is under appreciated. They had a loyal and small following (to my knowledge anyway) but I never understood why they weren’t bigger. Maybe they were a classic example of a band before it’s time. Usually, for me that means a longevity that outlives their active years as an artist, and that is certainly the case for me here. In fact, I cannot think of a single song among the 62 that they recorded that I didn’t at least like. No bad songs. Ya’ll, that’s hard to do…even dctalk had a few “stinkers” early on. So, after revisiting a blog post of my top 20 songs I had to read-listen to their work and figured I was a third finished, why not go the distance and rank the rest of their songs? So here it is…without further commentary and with a slight shifting around in the top 20 I had previously posted…every PFR song ranked!

62. “Didn’t He” – Pray For Rain (1992)

61. “Dying Man” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

60. “Face to Face” – Them (1996)

59. “I Don’t Understand” – Pray For Rain (1992)

58. “Kingdom Smile” – Them (1996)

57. “Mercy Man” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

56. “My Time” – Pray For Rain (1992)

55. “Satisfied” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

54. “Language of the Soul” – Disappear (2001)

53. “Stay” – Pray For Rain (1992)

52. “Them” – Them (1996)

51. “Line of Love” – Them (1996)

50. “Prayer For Breslan” – The Bookhouse Recordings (2004)

49. “Ordinary Day” – Them (1996)

48. “Daddy Never Cried” – Them (1996)

47. “In The Middle” – The Bookhouse Recordings (2004)

46. “It’s You Jesus” – Great Lengths (1994)

45. “Gone” – Disappear (2001)

44. “Forest” – Them (1996)

43. “Amsterdam” – Disappear (2001)

42. “Home” – Bookhouse recordings (2004)

41. “Garden” – Them (1996)

40. “Trials Turned To Gold” – Great Lengths (1994)

39. “You” – Disappear (2001)

38. “Closer” – Disappear (2001)

37. “Fare Thee Well” – The Late Great PFR (1998)

36. “The Grace Of God” – Great Lengths (1994)

35. “Even A Whisper” – Disappear (2001)

34. “See The Sun” – Great Lengths (1994)

33. “All Ready” – Disappear (2001)

32. “Spinnin’ Round” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

31. “Shine” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

30. “You Lord” – Pray For Rain (1992)

29. “Tried To Tell Her” – Them (1996)

28. “By Myself” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

27. “Say” – Them (1996)

26. “Kingdom Come” – Roaring Lambs Compilation (2000)

25. “We Can Work It Out” – Beatles Cover with Phil Keaggy

24. “Blind Man, Deaf Boy” – Great Lengths (1994)

23. “Last Breath” – Great Lengths (1994)

22. “Living Thing” – Jeff Lynne Cover (2001)

21. “Me” – Disappear (2001)

20. “Falling” – Disappear (2001)

19. “Wonder Why” – Great Lengths (1994)

18. “Fight” – Them (1996)

17. “Goldie’s Last Day” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

16. “Wait For The Sun” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

15. “Pray For Rain” – Pray For Rain (1992)

14. “Missing Love” – Disappear (2001)

13. “Do You Want To Know Love” – Pray For Rain (1992)

12. “Name” – The Late Great PFR (1998)

11. “Walk Away From Love” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

10. “The Love I Know” – Great Lengths (1994)

9. “On And On” – Pray For Rain (1992)

8. “Merry Go Round” – Great Lengths (1994)

7. “That Kind Of Love” – Goldie’s Last Day (1993)

6. “Forever” – The Late Great PFR (1998)

5. “Great Lengths” – Great Lengths (1994)

4. “Life Goes On” – Great Lengths (1994)

3. “Pour Me Out” – Them (1996)

2. “Let Go” – Pray For Rain (1992)

1. “Anything” – Them (1996)

There it is! What about you…how would you rank their top 10? Top 20? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Also, here’s a link of the top 20 I had made previous to this blog and will update later if you wanna reminisce!


Happy listening!


  1. PfR is one of the best bands I have listened to. I got hooked on them in 2000 when a classmate told me about them, and I purchased the ‘Late Great PfR’ album. I knew the songs ‘The Love I Know’, ‘Pray for Rain’, and ‘Forever’ from the radio, but this one introduced me to ones that I thought were better and had better guitar solos, like ‘Walk Away from Love’, ‘Name’, and ‘Pour me Out’. After getting the greatest hits album, I purchased all of their other ones, and got even more hooked on thier stuff. I wasn’t lucky enough to see them play live, but I did get to see Joel Hanson a few years ago, and he was great, talking with me, taking a picture with me, and signing a picture after a show he played for Sara Groves at.
    It’s good to see other PfR fans out there, and for the most part, I think the list is spot on.

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  2. Just found your blog and I love it. But how oh how could you do Wonder Why like that?

    But this list is amazing really. Thank you so much. Subscribing.

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