Some would say it’s been a down year for music, but I for one have loved much of what I’ve heard so far…in fact it’s going to take a really strong second half of the year to knock any of the top six or seven albums off my list. Anyway…it’s been a good music year for my musical taste anyway. Here we go…


  1. The Classic CrimePatterns in The Static


I’m all about the pop/rock with indie flourishes of the musical direction but the lyrics leave me feeling wanting. Still, this is a fun album and I strongly enjoy it.


  1. Josh GarrelsPeace to All Who Enter Here


Truly peaceful and relaxing, this is a great end of the day album for winding down.


  1. Anchor & BrailleTENSION


It’s a more direct pop offering from solo Stephen Christian but there’s a few excellent tracks and quite a few good ones as well.


  1. Off Road MinivanSwan Dive


Solid 00’s drenched rock n’ roll and I’m here for it. “You” is a tremendous song likely to make my top 10 of the year when all is said and done.


  1. NAMOSelf-Titled


I was totally taken by surprise by this indie pop collective. It’s whimsical, charming, and the polished pop confections go down easy. “Candy-Coated Emptiness” is perfection.


  1. John Mark McMillanPeopled with Dreams


I fine follow up to Mercury & Lightning, this is more McMillan goodness in the lyrical department and a simpler musical expression. He sounds like he’s having fun and enjoying life here.


  1. Chis RenzemaLet the Ground Rest


Perhaps the best lyrical based album of the year so far if it weren’t for the top two on this list. The title track has been an anthem and way of living in 2020.


  1. The BrillianceSuite No. 2: World Keeps Spinning


Gorgeous melodies and string sections combined with classical music pieces make for my kind of album. Forgive the pun, but everything here sounds brilliant.


  1. Colony HouseLeave What’s Lost Behind


A loose concept album I can get behind…I’m such a sucker for a cohesive theme or story that I seems I was destined to love this one. Pop/rock music, deeper lyrics to chew on…yes please.


  1. Jon GuerraKeeper of Days


It’s hard to do justice to this amazing piece of work…suffice to say I’m hooked on it and have a hard time seeing anything knocking it from it’s perch unless either of two certain 90s bands reunite to blow my mind in the second half. 😉 Ahem…Jars and DC talk I’m looking at you.


Seriously though, give this one a shot…it’s magical.

What about you? Shoot me a top 5 or 10 if you’ve got one, I’d love to see what you’ve been jamming to this crazy year so far.

Also, here’s a playlist of my favorite songs this year so far…it looks like it’s going to be hard to whittle it down to a top 100 when all is said and done.

Happing listening!