I remember when I first heard the strains of Audio Adrenaline’s “Who Do You Love” while working on a house demolition as an eleven year old. It was insanely catchy, and one of several songs that I would eagerly wait for to tape off of the radio. (Yes, I’m old enough to have enjoyed double tape deck boombox and cassettes) Their self titled is still a nostalgic listen for songs like “Life,” “My God,” and “Audio World,” but they definitely haven’t aged well. However, though dated, they are fun, and I just can’t help myself.

The rest of my formative years brought albums Don’t Censor Me, Bloom, Some Kind of Zombie, and Underdog. Many of their songs are attached to youth group memories that I still think back on fondly. (“Big House” and “Some King of Zombie” I’m looking at you) After Underdog I largely lost interest save a few songs from Lift, and then again with Kevin Max taking lead on Kings & Queens. Overall, I think they have a strong catalogue, and these are what I would deem my favorite twenty of their songs. Hope you Enjoy!

This is part 2 of my “Top 20 Songs of 20 Artists in 2020.” You can find part 1 here: Top 20 Songs For 20 Artists: The Newsboys

Here we go!

20. “Will Not Fade” – A new track included in their greatest hits album Hit Parade, this is rocker with Mark Stuart in all his full throated glory.

19. “Beautiful” – Light record scratching, crisp drums and guitar accents/solos elevate this one and will have you singing along in no time.

18. “Kings & Queens” – Though still somewhat weird to hear another voice other than Mark’s (especially one as distinct as Max’s), I love the message of this radio hit. Kmax sounds as good as ever, and it was a nice return of the band, if in name only, rather than former sound.

17. “Mighty Good Leader” – Another album opener, this one for Underdog…yet again, a fantastic car song. Let er rip, just don’t drive too fast!

16. “Can’t Take God Away” – Though it has somewhat dated early 90’s drum sounds, this is still a good one of biblical defiance.

15. “Ocean Floor” – If I remember correctly this one hit pretty big on radio. One of the first songs I remember being played to death. Doesn’t keep me from digging it though.

14. “Blitz” – Horns from ska band O.C. Supertones add a nice touch to this driving rock alternative tune.

13. “Don’t Censor Me” – This one has a dirty pop swagger with a hook that will get permanently stuck in your head. Listening now…

12. “Who Do You Love” – First Audio A Song I ever heard. It had me from hooked from the start. A nostalgic pick for sure, no problem admitting it.

11. “Tremble” – A slow burner, though a beautiful song. Another in the worshipful vein, but not cliche or overwrought.

10. “Walk On Water” – Another 70’s influenced rock/pop gem from Bloom.

9. “Hands and Feet” – As worship music began to take over in the late 90’s and early 00’s they dropped this beauty that was a great addition to the genre.

8. “My Worldview” – With a delightful assist from Kevin Max of Dctalk fame, this is easily my favorite slow jam from the band.

7. “Secret” – A kick-butt way to signal what listeners were in store for in the Album Bloom. Tasty guitars abound.

6. “Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus” – The guitar lick in this one is worthy of high praise…so good.

5. “We’re A Band” – Another great rocker from The Don’t Censor me Album. Turn this one up!

4. “Big House” – Unarguably the song they are most known for. Silly and fun. A classic.

3. “Get Down” – If this doesn’t get your toes tapping check your pulse! An ear worm of a tune if there ever was one!

2. “Some Kind of Zombie” – Delightfully creepy video aside, this is an insanely catchy rock/alternative song. Love the piano accents.

1. “I’m Not The King” – Perfect for blasting in your car with the windows down. The louder the better!