Longtime Skillet fan here…all the way back to the beginning and the grunge-fest that was their Self-Titled album. Perhaps they have been unfairly maligned on their last few albums, yet it would be hard to make a case that they haven’t hit a groove/sound and have been riding it since Comatose. Overall, Collide is my favorite album, and since I’ve liked several songs from each subsequent release, but the albums progressively less. However, they’re a great live show and know how to write a hit song, two things that keep you around as long as they have been. Here’s my top 20 favorite Skillet songs which I’m sure are going to cause Gabriel Jones to lose his mind. Also here’s a few other Top 20 posts that might just interest you Top 20 Songs of 20 Artists: All Star United Top 20 Songs of 20 Artists: Twenty One Pilots Top 20 Songs For 20 Artists: The Newsboys

20. “How Deep The Fathers Love For Us” – Ardent Worship (2000)

Remember when Skillet did a whole worship album? Years ago…but this is a longtime favorite version of the song.

19. “Anchor” – Victorious (2019)

Best down tempo/slow song in years.

18. “The Resistance – Unleashed (2016)

Another Jen & John back and forth vocal trade off that’s well done. Punchy and belligerent.

17. “Saturn” – Self-Titled (1996)

Might be the first Skillet tune I ever heard from a music sampler cd in the 90s—remember those? Great ballad.

16. “More Faithful” – Hey You, I Love Your Soul (1998)

Rising and worshipful.

15. “Locked in a Cage” – Hey You, I Love Your Soul (1998)

Industrial rock that makes great use of the soft loud dynamic.

14. “Gasoline” – Self-Titled (1996)

More passionate grungy rock.

13. “Rest” – Invincible (2000)

I return to this song often when I need to slow down my mind.

12. “Alien Youth” – Alien Youth (2001)

This came out just outside of my teenage youth group years but it’s a fun one to rock out to nonetheless.

11. “You Are My Hope” – Alien Youth (2001)

Pained me to leave this one outside the top 10.

10. “Collide” – Collide (2003)

The symphonic rock they would later replicate with varying degrees of success. Great tune.

9. “Under My Skin” – Collide (2003)

Slow build with acoustic guitar centric to the tune.

8. “Comatose” – Comatose (2006)

Symphonic, stirring, inspiring.

7. “Best Kept Secret” – Invincible (2000)

Industrial-tinged rock with just a pinch of attitude/belligerence.

6. “Hero” – Awake (2009)

Perhaps the best Trade off vocals they ever did, a well they contributed to drawn from on subsequent releases. One of the best rock songs of the 00s.

5. “I Can” – Self-Titled (1996)

So rage-y and grungy—absolutely love this one as probably the first Skillet song I ever heard. Still holds up nicely.

4. “Open Wounds” – Collide (2003)

Angry and passionate.

3. “Rebirthing” – Comatose (2006)

In concert this one soars with the combo of heavy rock, strings and pyrotechnics.

2. “Savior” – Collide (2003)

Acoustic guitar and strings set up angry and heavy guitars nicely. Self harmonizing vocals and a memorable driving chorus.

1. “The Thirst Is Taking Over” – Alien Youth (2001)

Combining fully the best of earnest lyrics, and urgent music the desperation for God is palpable.

How about you fam? Hit my with your top Skillet tunes!