This is a quick post with very little preamble. My typical musical taste leans more alt rock/acoustic/pop/singer songwriter, but these are my 20 favorite tunes with a rock edge. The ones I return to most often when I need a boost, when I’m on a long late night drive, or on the rare occasion I work out. FYI, these are in no particular order…I present the “Top 20 Christian Rock Songs of a Non-Rock Fan.”

Also, I included a playlist at the end so check it out if you’d like!

“Would You Die For Me” – Bride

“White Noises” – My Epic

“Breathe Into Me” – RED

“Tough As John Jacobs” – Maylene & The Sons of Disaster

“They” – DENS

“I Lift My Eyes” – Miss Angie

“New Fire” – Sent By Ravens

“Whiplash” – Beanbag

“Lights Out” – Letterkills

“Savior” – Skillet

“Sweep the Leg” – Family Force 5

“Mouth Like A Magazine – Showbread

“Paperthin Hymn” – Anberlin

“Caught A Glimpse” – Blindside

“Alive” – P.O.D.

“Studying Politics” – Emery

“Sirens” – Attalus

“The Spy Hunter” – Project 86

“I’m So Sick” – Flyleaf

“Music Box” – Thrice

What about you? Where do you turn to rock out? Shoot me a few suggestions, and remember I lean toward melodic rock so…

Tune in here:

Happy listening…