There isn’t much I could say about Christian music legend Michael W. Smith that hasn’t already been said, so my comments will be short and largely personal. Suffice to say, he’s an icon and Christian music and the industry largely is what it is today due to his decades long influence.

Smith was my very first favorite artist, quickly to be joined by contemporary Steven Curtis Chapman. Michael’s album Go West Young Man was my first exposer to his music, and Change Your World was the first (or one of the first my memory gets foggier by the year) cds I bought with my own money. I grew up with him as a foundational artist shaping my pop taste, and though I check in on his newer stuff, I typically prefer his 80s and 90s era catalogue. They are the decades and songs I return to most and will have the largest representation on this Top 20 list.

So, without any further commentary, here we go…The Top 20 Songs of 20 Artists: Michael W. Smith edition!

20. “You Are The Lord” – Worship Again (2002)

19. “Friends” – Change Your World (1992)

18. “I Am Sure” – MWS 2 (1984)

17. “I Will Be Here For You” – Change Your World (1992)

16. “Crown Him With Many Crowns” – I’ll Lead You Home (1995)

15. “Carol Ann” – Freedom (2000)

14. “Go West Young Man” – Go West Young Man (1990)

13. “You Need A Savior” – MWS Project (1983)

12. “Could He Be The Messiah” – MWS Project (1983)

11. “Hand of Providence” – I 2 Eye (1988)

10. “Great is the Lord” – MWS Project (1983)

9. “Angus Dei” – Go West Young Man (1990)

8. “Picture Perfect” – Change Your World (1992)

7. “Place In This World” – Go West Young Man (1990)

6. “Live the Life” – Live The Life (1997)

5. “For You” – Go West Young Man (1990)

4. “Old Enough to Know” – The Big Picture (1986)

3. “Rocketown” – The Big Picture (1986)

2. “Missing Person” – Live The Life (1997)

1. “Secret Ambition” – I 2 Eye (1988)

How about you, what are your favorite Smitty songs! Let me know in the comments!

Happy listening friends! – Josh