Happy 25th birthday (yesterday October 24th) to my all-time favorite album! Can’t believe I forgot to post my tribute yesterday, but the day got away from me with other projects and doings. Anyway, suffice to say this album has weathered the time test flawlessly in my opinion. I currently own three copies, (1 vinyl, 2 cd) and have purchased countless other copies at thrift stores to give away to the uninitiated. I’ve likely listened to it over 500 times in its 25 years of existence, making it my most heard set of music by a mile. I could go on and on about my love for it.

25th anniversary!

A quick and dirty ranking of the songs! (How dare I?!)

10. “He”

It’s a hard listen due to the subject matter of child abuse…though I rank it lowest of the tracklist it’s still a fantastic song. Really one of the linchpin songs of the album’s thesis of innocence lost.

9. “Faith Like A Child”

Tender and soaring vocals carry the song that reminds us that faith is trust, like a child trusts to be taken care of by the adults in their life.

8. “Art In Me”

Another Jars song we could use right now…turn back to Christ, see the art created in you by seeing the art of the creator Himself…I’ll just post some lyrics…

“And in your picture book
I’m trying hard to see
Turning endless pages
Of this tragedy
Sculpting every move
You compose a symphony
And you plead to everyone
See the art in me”

7. “Blind”

Swirling and soothing the only problem with this song is nothing.

6. “Sinking”

I can’t hear “Liquid” end without immediately hearing the drums to this one kick in, and the defiant lyric, “It’s not my problem anymore…”

5. “Flood”

Nothing else is quite like this song. Saw the music video for “Flood” at youth camp in 1995 prior to album release and I was hooked.

4. “Love Song For A Savior”

One of the very first modern praise songs I heard came along in the form of this simple ditty. A certain 90s Youth Group staple. (For a playlist of the other 90s youth group songs that I curated click here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/33WUiTHyZvpQTY2UHfvJGm?si=SZz7URJKRDSasJbGDP3E4Q

3. “Boy On A String”

Like the big crossover single “Flood” this one has a killer violin part. Turn it up loud! “Just a boy, just a boy…”

2. “Worlds Apart”

So very close at number two this is desperately passionate lament and plea. So. Very. Good.

1. “Liquid”

It wasn’t the first song I heard by Jars but it quickly became my favorite never to be toppled. Chanting monks, driving acoustic guitars, and drum loops?! C’mon.

Homework assignment…go listen with lyrics in hand/pulled up on the internet! Here’s a few links to make it easy…



Happy listening! – Josh