There’s really is no explanation (aliens? Bad pizza? An evil plan to shave…I mean save the world?) for why I’d actually include Five Iron Frenzy in the #Top20Songsof20Artist series and yet, here we are. These are the twenty songs I return to most often when I take a brief break from hating this cannot-be-killed ska band. How have they lasted so long when so many have hated them so passionately? The answer eludes me like one of life’s unsolved mysteries. (Did Adam have a bellybutton? Does Reese? Why cheese sticks?!) So…if you dare to read any further and potentially ruin your day worser…here we go, with no additional commentary because like a spoonful of mayonnaise I just can’t stomach it…Five Iron Frenzy’s Top 20 Songs. (An oxymoron I know!)

20. “Where Zero Meets 15”

19. “Battle Dancing Unicorns (With Glitter)”

18. “Anthem”

17. “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

16. “Oh, Canada”

15. “Blue Comb 78”

14. “So We Sing”

13. “A Flowery Song”

12. “At Least I’m Not Like All Those Other Old Guys”

11. “Zen and the Art of Xenophobia”

10. “One Girl Army”

9. “Handbook for the Sellout”

8. “A New Hope”

7. “Far, Far Away”

6. “You Can’t Handle This”

5. “Suckerpunch”

4. “Superpowers”

3. “Ugly Day”

2. “Dandelions”

1. “Every New Day”

Man! I hate Five Iron Frenzy, how about you?!

P.S. They have a new album called Until This All Shakes Apart, which you would be wise to avoid. But if you cannot help yourself I wrote about it here: Until This Shakes Apart Album Review

P.P.S. This blog post goes out to my mom, she’s proud of the way I dress! 😉

P.P.P.S. Why are you still reading?! Here’s Every Five Iron Frenzy Song Ranked from Worst to Worstest if you care (which you shouldn’t)