Tobymac. The man, the myth, the legend. Much can be said about his impact on the Christian music industry. Between his genre-shaking supergroup Dctalk (1987-2001*), to a Gotee record label co-founder/owner (1994-present), to a solo career still going, the man has had an undeniable impact. I mean, he’s released 16 albums across these 19-20 years of solo work, and well over 100 songs! Clearly, the dude is anything but lazy. In fact, an argument could be made for his inclusion on the Mount Rushmore of Christian music at this point. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Personally, I always unfairly held him responsible for “breaking up the band,” but as the years passed, my disappointment and anger over how the intermission was handled, and with the maturity that comes from living life, I’ve been able to more fully appreciate each of the individual members solo work. Ultimately, we got three timeless albums from Dctalk, and now a multiplicity of excellent and diverse works from each singer.

Anyway, even as his discography continues to expand, I thought I’d get a head start on ranking Toby’s regular non-Christmas, non-remix, non-live song catalogue. Also, I would love to try and comment on each song, but that’s overwhelming so I’ll just highlight a few favorites here and there. Let’s get this party started!

*84. “I’m Sorry”

Still too fresh to properly rank…likely in the bottom half of his catalogue when all is said and done.

*83. “21 Years”

Still too fresh to properly rank…and heart-breaking. 😢

82. “Gotta Go” – Welcome To Diverse City

81. “Unstoppable” – Eye On It

80. “Lose Myself” – Eye On It

79. “Family” – Eye On It

78. “Thankful for You” – Eye On It

77. “Made for Me” – Eye On It

76. “Favorite Song” – Eye On It

Yes, as may have guessed it by now, Eye on It is my least favorite T-Mac album. 😂

75. “Changed Forever” – Tonight

74. “Hold On” – Tonight

73. “Hey Devil” – Tonight

Never been a fan of this one, feels cringe-y even to this day.

72. “Wonderin” – Tonight

Funky and fun like much of his catalogue.

71. “Suddenly” – Portable Sounds

70. “All In (Letting Go) / Mr. Talkbox” – Portable Sounds

68. “Feelin’ So Fly” – Portable Sounds

68. “No Signal” – Portable Sounds

67. “Captured” – Tonight

66. “Start Somewhere” – Tonight

65. “In the Air” – Momentum

64. “Atmosphere” – Welcome To Diverse City

The remix dctalk version serves to make this one pale in comparison.

63. “Face Of the Earth” – Portable Sounds

62. “Beyond Me” – This Is Not A Test

61. “Undeniable” – This Is Not A Test

60. “See The Light” – The Elements

59. “Break Open The Sky” – Tonight

Swing and sway to this breezy reggae-infused call of the hope of the second coming.

58. “Stories (Down To the Bottom)” – Welcome To Diverse City

57. “It’s You” – The Elements

56. “Horizon (A New Day)” – The Elements

55. “Showstopper” – Tonight

The rap/rock that I personally thought he did best on momentum returns here for a pretty solid tune.

54. “Everything” – The Elements

53. “Get Back Up” – Tonight

Catchy (aren’t all of his?!) little pop ditty that should in retrospect be higher on the list.

52. “Funky Jesus Music” – Tonight

51. “Forgiveness – (featuring Lecrae)” – Eye On It

50. “Like a Match” – This Is Not A Test

49. “The Slam” – Welcome To Diverse City

Destined to get placement in a sports promo/commercial, and it did.

48. “No Ordinary Love” – Portable Sounds

47. “Hello Future” – The Elements

46. “Overflow” – The Elements

45. “Ignition” – Portable Sounds

44. “Phenomenon” – Welcome To Diverse City

43. “Do You Know” – Momentum

42. “Feel It” – This Is Not a Test

Dance-y…like impossible to sit still when listening to this one. Atleast a toe-tap.

41. “Wonderin’ Why” – Momentum

40. “Somebody’s Watching” – Momentum

39. “Getaway Car”- Welcome To Diverse City

38. “This Is Not a Test” – This Is Not a Test

I absolutely love this one in concert. This album restored my faith in his solo stuff when I had started losing interest.

37. “The Elements” – The Elements

36. “Love is In the House” – Momentum

It’s a chill and mellow jam.

35. “Tonight” – Tonight

The best song from the first solo Toby that didn’t fully connect with me.

34. “Get This Party Started” – Momentum

The first notes of his first solo venture, I’ll always associate this with high expectations (which were met and exceeded) and tie it to the following track just below.

33. “What’s Goin’ Down“ – Momentum

32. “Ill-M-I” – Welcome To Diverse City

31. “Move (Keep Walkin’)” – This Is Not A Test

This stomper is a great example of one I like much better in concert than on the album, translates better in my opinion.

30. “Love Broke Thru” – This Is Not A Test

29. “Steal My Show” – Eye On It

28. “One World” – Portable Sounds

27. “Eye On It” – Eye On It

Eye on It the album was a letdown for me, but I think it just connects better live…same with the title track here.

26. “Lights Shine Bright” – This Is Not A Test

25. “Diverse City” – Welcome To Diverse City

Toby likes to mix in the funk and I think he did it best here.

24. “Boomin’ / Opera Trip” – Portable Sounds

23. “I’m For You” – Portable Sounds

22. “Starts With Me” – The Elements

A great duet with Aaron Cole concerning racial reconciliation, a life-long message of Toby’s, and still a much-needed one.

21. “Scars” – The Elements

All the more poignant, powerful, and heartbreaking now, considering what happened with his oldest song Truett.

20. “Love Feels Like (Dctalk)” – This Is Not A Test

I thought this would have been the song to finally bring them back together for more united Dctalk songs. Alas, no…but still a truly great tune nonetheless.

19. “Gone” – Welcome To Diverse City

18. “Edge of My Seat” – The Elements

17. “Irene” – Momentum

16. “Backseat Driver” – This Is Not A Test

15. “Speak Life” – Eye On It

What a great song to get on the radio for ears to hear. Terrific message and a great reminder of the power of words.

14. “City On Our Knees” – Tonight

13. “Momentum” – Momentum

11. “Yours” – Momentum

10. “Me Without You” (Telemetry ReMix) – Eye On It

This remix is so much fresher and better. an ear work if there ever was one.

9. “J Train” – Momentum

8. “Made to Love” – Portable Sounds

7. “Atmosphere Remix (Dctalk)” – Welcome To Diverse City

Silky smooth pop that showcases all the best things that made Dctalk one of the best ever.

6. “Hey Now” – Welcome To Diverse City

Infectious. Bouncy. Hard for me to hear without putting a smile on my face.

5. “Burn For You” – Welcome To Diverse City

Perhaps His best vertical lyric? Another concert favorite.

4. “Til the Day I Die” – This Is Not A Test

3. “Extreme Days” – Momentum

2. “I Just Need U.” – The Elements

I almost had this one at number one it’s just so dang catchy!

1. “Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)” – Welcome To Diverse City

When compiling this list, this was one of maybe three that I knew would vie for the top spot. Such tight production and almost indie hip-hop feel. I still feel that Welcome to Diversity was Toby at his solo music peak.

What about you, what are your favorite Tobymac songs? Hit me with a top 10!