How about some love for the ladies of 90s Christian music?! I had several albums among these terrific solo performers that I flat wore out. This time around there won’t be any female fronted bands a la Sixpence, Plumb, or Dakoda Motor Co. as we’ll focus strictly on solo female performers. This list is made up of the ones I think best encapsulate the decade. So they needed to release a minimum of two to three albums within the decade to be considered for inclusion. Here it is, The Top 10 Women of 90s CCM.

10. CeCe Winans – 4 Albums

I never really listening to her solo output much, but when coupled with her brother I have a few favorites.

Best Album: Alone in His Presence (1995)

My Favorite: None

Favorite Song: “Alabaster Box”

9. Rebecca St James – 4 albums 1 Christmas

My middle school crush, and I know I’m not the only one. Her debut self-titled was solid and I enjoyed all of her 90s releases. Never cared much for the worship exclusive direction of her later career.

Best Album: God (1996)

My Favorite: God (1996)

Favorite Song: “Omega”

8. Ashley Cleveland – 4 albums

Cleveland is an artists I am aware of by reputation but never really listened to at the time. Well respected and deserving of inclusion on this list even if not a personal favorite.

Best Album: Big Town (1991)

My Favorite: None

Favorite Song: None

7. Julie Miller – 6 Albums

Not really my style but another highly prolific and well-loved artist of Christian music even if she was more on the fringe.

Best Album: Meet Julie Miller? Broken Things? Blue Pony?

My Favorite: None

Favorite Song: “How Could You Say No”/“All My Tears” tie

6. Twila Paris – 6 albums

Beyond A Dream is largely my listening of Paris Dave a few select other songs.

Best Album: Beyond A Dream (1993)

My Favorite: Beyond A Dream (1993)

Favorite Song: “God Is In Control” or “How Beautiful”

5. Margaret Becker – 5 albums

Soul is such a great album full of great tunes!

Best Album: Simple House (1991)

My Favorite: Soul (1993)

Favorite Song: “Say the Name”

4. Cindy Morgan – 5 Albums

The first female artist I remember really getting into alongside MWS and SCC.

Best Album: Listen (1996)

My Favorite: Listen (1996)

Favorite Song: “Take My Life”

3. Crystal Lewis – 6 Albums

She is the voice! Such a tremendously good singer.

Best Album: Hymns: My Life (1995)

My Favorite: Beauty for Ashes (1996)

Favorite Song: “Lean on Me”

2. Amy Grant – 5 albums 2 Christmas

The Queen of CCM had a strong decade even if two of her five albums released in the decade were Christmas themed.

Best Album: Behind the Eyes (1997)

My Favorite: Home For Christmas (1992)

Favorite Song: “Hope Set High”

1. Susan Ashton – 6 albums

For her overall 90s catalogue she has to be tops, with multiple top radio hits among them. Susan Ashton will always be my favorite of the 90s and one I still return to often to this day. She is the reason I like any country music at all.

Best Album: Wakened By The Wind

My Favorite: Wakened By The Wind

Favorite Song: “No One Knows My Heart”

Honorable Mention:

Sandi Patty– 4 Albums

Sarah Masen – 3 Albums

Jaci Velazquez – 2 Albums

Jennifer Knapp – 1 Album

Nichole Nordeman – 1 Album

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What about you? Who do you think had the best decade of music? Leave a comment on your favorites!

Happy Listening!