Goofy. Weird. Odd. Fun. Tongue-in-cheek. Witty. Cringe-y. The 90s of Christian certainly hits its zenith of genres both good and bad. It expanded to include a greater portion of rap, ska, swing, hard rock, industrial and just about any other splinter genre of music that existed at the time. And with this variety came some humorous tunes. This list is a just-for-fun look at 11 of the most oddball songs of the era that may induce a smile, or perhaps a head scratch from you. I still love them—I can’t help it! I hope you enjoy a chuckle at some songs that still make me grin so many years later.

The drama llama never loses the plot.

13. “I Luv Rap Music” – Dctalk

I now find this song to be on the cringe-y side, with Toby’s whiny goofball delivery, but it still gets a smile when I return to it ever so often.

12. “Got to B Tru” – Steven Curtis Chapman

Uh…haha. This one is the most fun, outside-the-box Uncle Steve ever ventured with an assist from dctalk. If you ever wanted to hear SCC rap, here’s your chance.

11. “Sunday School Rock” – Carman

For all the grief I and others like to give Carman, the man certainly knew how to deliver a fun tune. Really you could have picked any number of his 90s era songs to fit here, like “Addicted to Jesus,” “Satan Bite the Dust, “Step of Faith,” “Who’s In The House,” “R.I.O.T.” among others. I chose this one because it’s the one that’s stuck with me the most all these years and super fun to jam loud, though I still have a soft spot for most all of Carman’s level of cheese as well.

10. “The Devil Is Bad” – The W’s

A swinging-fun tune calling out the enemy and telling him like it is.

9. “The Houseplant Song” – Audio Adrenaline

A “scientific” explorations of the “evils” of rock n’ Roll. Also, don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses.

8. “Pants Opera” – Five Iron Frenzy

The Kings and Queen of goofball humor reign supreme on this set of increasingly odd short songs encompassing several genres about a pair of pants. It can be found in all its glory on the 1998 Quantity is Job 1 EP.

7. “My Bike” – Ghoti Hook

Just a man’s punk ode to his bike.

6. “Spread the Word” – Mike E

More fun/goofy than cringe-y or bad, this smooth rap tune has stuck with me for a long time. In fact the album Pass it On is worth a listen if you can find it.

5. “Goldie’s Last Day” – PFR

A song about the death of the families beloved pup. Yes, an ode to a dog…and a sweet/tongue-in-cheek one at that.

4. “Chick Magnet” – MxPx

Snotty punk-rock from the masters themselves, this one pokes fun at the ever searching, yet-to-land-a-girlfriend fella in every group of friends/youth group.

3. “Range in the Sky” – Disco Saints

A banjo. A thumping beat. Yodeling?! What am I hearing here?! Truly one of the odd and fun songs the era had to offer that’s what.

2. “Are You the Walrus?” – Fluorescent Jellyfish

More witty than fun, this rap song is about appearances being deceiving with a nod to the Walrus in Alice in Wonderland. Worth a listen as the sad lyrics paired with the fun delivery and. At by best make for an opposites attract tension that works.

1. “I’m So Happy” – Hokus Pick

I start many of my work days with this (ska/reggae/punk?) song of upbeat declaration. Reminds me of the more simple times of middle/high school.

There you have it! What are your favorite silly/goofy/fun tunes of the 90s? Let me know in the comments!

Happy listening! -Josh