Part 1 of 4

We now begin with part 1 of a 4 part project ranking my personal favorite 90s Christian songs. This has been extremely difficult, and at one point I toyed with making it a Top 500 ranked but let’s be honest, I’d never finish that project. Before we get too far into this perhaps it would be prudent of me to remind you of my pop-leaning musical taste. That is to say, if you’re looking for a wide range of genres or that list of hard rock tunes then this is likely not the list for you. There’s a sprinkling of rap, punk, alt rock, and r&b but this is mostly pop and pop/rock as it is my primary preference. Yes, many but not all of these 100 songs were radio hits or very well known at the time. I do truly believe many of these songs belong in the top 100 of the 90s conversation.

Regardless, these songs definitely have great personal meaning and fond memories attached to them. My hope in posting my Top 100 is to remind you of an old favorite you haven’t heard in ages or maybe introduce you to a few new (old) tunes I think are excellent.

Also, if your prefer the whole list at once sans commentary, I will be posting it all in one post after the fourth installment. The plan is to release each set of 25 songs over the course of the next four Saturday’s promptly at noon. There will also be an updated Spotify list with each post that has many of the songs available on the medium. Lastly, I’d love it if you would comment and/or share my posts to spark some good ole nostalgic music conversations on your socials. #90sChristianMusicTop100Songs

Hope you enjoy another journey down memory lane!

Songs #100 – #76

100. “Would You Die For Me” – Bride

Best tune from a terrific album. One of the best rock vocals around.

99. “Basics of Life” – 4Him

How to pick a top 4Him song? Dart board. J/k

98. “Blue Collar Love” – Starflyer 59

It’s drone-y and perfectly drenched in reverb.

97. “Listen” – Cindy Morgan

There were so many Morgan songs I could have gone with, but this is the one I think of when I think Cindy Morgan.

96. “One Love” – Brent Bourgeois

A Major radio hit if memory serves.

95. “Things I Prayed For” – Eli

acoustic guitar strum and crisp drum combo paired with top notch lyrics and vocals make for a great song.

94. “Corridors” – John Elephante

Radio played this one a lot but I never got sick of it.

93. “Draw Me Close” – The Katinas

Many a Sunday I sang this worshipful tune as a solo special in church growing up.

92. “Chem 6A” – Switchfoot

Rough around the edges Switchfoot was charming and endearingly earnest. This chunky tune is one of my favorites of their two 90s albums.

91. “Biggest Part of Me” – Take 6

It’s a cover song but an excellent one. So smooth.

90. “One of These Days” – FFH

Harmony Much?! So good and tight on the vocals and a catchy tune to boot.

89. “Jesus Loves Ya” – Jon Gibson

While I have several more personal favorites of Gibsons vast catalogue this is his best and most well-known of the decade.

88. “There is Only You” – Smalltown Poets

Maybe a surprise pick for some fans of the band but the Uber-fun music video cements it for me.

87. “The One I’ve Been Waiting For” – Out of the Grey

Man did I (do I!) love this husband wife duo known as Out of the Grey. So many great songs.

86. “River God” – Nichole Nordeman

What a lyricist! Moving song and great remainder that God’s still working on us all.

85. “Forgive You” – Seven Day Jesus

A tough subject (forgiving a perpetrators rape of a close friend) to cover well but SDJ does it expertly on their fantastic debut album The Hunger.

84. “Testify to Love” – Avalon

So good.

83. “I Believe” – Wes King

Love this declarative guitar-focused pop song.

82. “People Get Ready…Jesus is Coming” – Crystal Lewis

That voice!

81. “Baby, Baby” – Amy Grant

Grant is so interwoven into the fabric of CCM she’s a given on any list like this. Fun little ditty here that crossed over big time.

80. “Waiting For Your Love To Come Down” – Susan Ashton

I’ve said it many a time but Ashton and her warm vocals are the reason I like any country music at all. I totally dig this laid back vibe.

79. “Supertones Strike Back” – O.C. Supertones

C’mon, you knowing you’re already singing it in your head.

78. “Thicker” – Chasing Furies

A Lesser known tune and band due to one album wonder status which is a shame cause the whole record is fabulous. This rocker stands out as the best song overall not “Enchanted” makes a play too just coming in second.

77. “Punk Rawk Show” – MxPx

They probably have better overall songs but I’ve always gravitated to this fun one since first hearing it.

76. “Kiss Me” – Sixpence None the Richer

This classic was everywhere in 1998 a year after it was released mostly due to major movie placement in the teen rom com She’s All That.

Songs 75-51 Coming Soon! (Probably next Saturday May 29th)

Here’s the playlist I will update each Saturday:

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