These are the tunes among my Top 100 songs of the year that I returned to most often, or that struck a chord with me in 2021. You’ll notice a few mainstream tunes as well. Though I primarily stick to faith-based music, I always find a few that are excellent in other genres. Top albums list/post coming next week!

Here we go!

25. “I Drink Wine” – Adele

Not a Christian song at all in the traditional sense, but I believe it to contain great truth. Adele captures longing as well as anyone.

24. “Shy Away” – Twenty One Pilots

A fun one that implores the listener to not shrink back or “shy away” but chase the dream. Catchy to boot.

23. “Jireh” – Maverick City

The one congregational worship song that I couldn’t get enough of this year.

22. “Colortura” – Coldplay

It’s the epic song of the year (my year anyway) easily in the Top 10 of their storied career.

21. “Christians Aren’t Cool” – Paul Arend

In-your-face lyrics in a good way.

20. “Good God Almighty” – Crowder

Fun and catchy. My favorite (only?) radio play song.

19. “Love Never Fails” – Andy Squyres

“All are atoned for the wicked made whole/The world’s scarlet letter washed white as snow/When the albatross curse all the wind from our sails/We have no damns to give love never fails”

18. “Automatic” – Colony House

This one works it’s way into your brain and won’t leave. Gentle and reassuring.

17. “Couldn’t See It” – Smalltown Poets

I could have also gone with “Love is the Ocean” but this is a cool song. Different from anything else they’ve done in the past. Glad they’re still making new music over 25 years later.

16. “The Fix” – Glowing Moses

Muse-like rock n roll. Blistering and perfect. Bring back the rock fellas!

15. “Range Rover” – Ben Rector

A family car ride favorite. Ben certainly knows how to craft a catchy tune.

14. “The Lord Ain’t Let Me Down Lately” – Dave Barnes

Funny-man singer songwriter unleashes a joyous ode to God’s faithfulness. You’ll be singing it all day.

13. “Slow Down” – Zeal House

I’ve loved it since he first wrote it years ago, so glad there is finally a recorded version to listen over and over when I need to be reminded to “be still and know.”

12. “Psalm 90 (Satisfy Us With Your Love) ” – Shane & Shane

A great anthem. Soaring and inspiring.

11. “Can’t Look Back” – Mat Kearney

From an album heavy on legacy and nostalgia, this is my favorite little pop ditty.

10. “Lemonade Stand” – Kid Ambient Arcade

Summer jam!

9. “What’s Wrong” – half*alive

It’s a bop and it makes me happy.

8. “Madison” – Chase Tremaine

My favorite song from this up-and-coming indie pop/rock artist to keep an eye on.

7. “Better Country” – Benjamin Daniel

He released one of my favorite albums (spoiler!) of the year, and this rousing closer and the stirring opener “Green Again” are among my two favorites.

6. “Beloved” – Switchfoot

Longtime favorite band dropped a few of their best songs on their newest album Interrobang. “Beloved” was the perfect opener.

5. “Been About It” – Andy Mineo

There were a few weeks where I probably annoyed my family with how often I was cranking this one up. Helps get you moving.

4. “Paradise” – The Gray Havens

The longing for heaven is palpable on this one. I e returned to it often when I feel the ache.

3. “Hold Still” – Taylor Leonhardt

The whole album is gold, but I kept returning to tbjs one most. “You wanna be held/you gotta hold still.” Simple yet profound.

2. “The Day That I Moved Out” – Make Sure

This hit the nostalgia and backward looking sweet-spot for me.

1. “Jesus I Have My Doubts” – Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman continues to play a big part in soundtracking my life, voicing my doubts, providing reminders or hope. It’s an open-ended song of questioning and doubt. Raw. Authentic. Excellent.

There you have it!

Here are 75 other additional songs that I found arresting in some way to round out my Top 100. Hope you find something to love!

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