Sixpence None the Richer is a great band. Unfortunately, many music listeners would give them the dreaded one-hit wonder label, thinking that their smash pop hit “Kiss Me” is the pinnacle of their work. While it’s certainly their most known/streamed song, I would contented that it is far from their best, and really an outlier to their overall sound.

But I digress…here’s the point of this post…aside from the truth that Sixpence is excellent…

I have a fun little assignment if you’d like to play along…

#1: If you are familiar with the band and love their work, with an hour or less worth of songs as your limit…which songs and in what order would you use to best introduce the bands work to someone uninitiated/uninterested?

#2: If you don’t know the band at all, or beyond their song “Kiss Me,” your assignment is just to listen to my 14 Song mixtape and report back on what you liked or didn’t like.


1. You have 60 minutes or less.

2. You have to organize it like an old school mixtape and you can also choose to give a brief reason for why you choose the song and it’s placement.

I’m gonna pass on that so I don’t write a dissertation. I can explain my choices in the comments if necessary. Feel free to dissect my shot at this.

For a list of their songs ranked check out this post: Every Sixpence None the Richer Song Ranked or my ranking of their excellent discography here: Ranking Sixpence None The Richer.

Lastly, I provided YouTube and Spotify links below if you wanna listen along…

Here we go!

Side A:

“I Can’t Catch You” (4:13)

“Spotlight” (3:51)

“Within a Room Somewhere” (5:07)

“Brighten My Heart” (4:39)

“You’re Here” (4:12)

“Northern Lights” (4:09)

“Love, Salvation, The Fear of Death” (3:55)


Side B:

“Loser Like Me” (3:32)

“Sad But True” (4:02)

“Breathe Your Name” (3:57)

“Angeltread” (3:28)

“The Lines of My Earth” (4:26)

“Go Your Way” (3:13)

“A Million Parachutes” (6:09)


Listen along here:

Or if you prefer Spotify which is minus two songs:

I’d love to hear from you, so if you’re up for it—play along!

Happy listening! – Josh