So these posts are intended to by a monthly and quick way to share what I’ve been listening to throughout the year. It will also double to help me look back at the end of the year to get an realistic picture of what I was truly streaming most before I formulate my year-end lists. A few notes below the collage if you’re interested!

February 2022
  • Yes, that’s a lot of Stryper and House of Heroes. And if you know me and my taste at all you know one of those bands belong, and one doesn’t. Let’s just say my love for HoH is deepened, and my bewilderment at the love that Stryper got/gets has also deepened. Both bands having a high play count are due to the music listening club (nerd alert!) I’m a part of. I tried to be a good sport and finish Stryper discography but I just. Couldn’t. Do. It. I hate ragging on bands I know people love deeply, but I find them to be wildly overrated. While HoH still gets overlooked. Sigh.
  • Guerra’s 2020 album is still a favorite almost two years later and comes highly recommended as my Top album of that year. Give it a shot if you haven’t yet.
  • Future of Forestry’s album Union is a great late night, bedtime instrumental album I stream a good bit. Highly recommend.
  • PFR, Caedmon’s Call, Sixpence, and Jars are all long-time favorite bands so I revisit each of their catalogues fairly regularly.
  • Indie punk band Homeplate was my most pleasant surprise. Check it out if you like a little punk rock. Especially “Supposed to Be.” It has punk, lounge swing and a hardcore breakdown all in the same song.
  • Artist Lovkn is a newer discovery and with a new album coming out in March I’m looking forward to his new tunes.
  • Not pictured but also listened to several times in soul/pop/r&b Artist Blessing Offor’s debut ep. Worth a listen or two, especially “Tin Roof” and “Brighter Days.”

How about you, what have you been listening to? Hit me up in the comments!