Billy Joel is a legend, and largely beloved by most to my knowledge. There’s nothing new or fresh I could say about him so I won’t spend much time trying to be clever. Bottom line—dude wrote great songs, and he has an iconic catalogue. Also, his music makes me happy nearly instantly, so he gets a listen from me when I need an uplift. He’s also near the top of my concert bucket list. (Gotta save up for this one!) The links below should be clickable if you want to listen in or refresh your memory of his body of work. Also, as always I’d love to hear your favorites too so check in and let me know! Without further ado, here’s my Top 20 Favorite Billy Joel songs!

20. “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel),” River of Dreams (1993)

19. “Everybody Loves You Now,” Cold Spring Harbor (1971)

18. “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” Storm Front (1989)

I can’t think of this one without The Office immediately springing to mind.

17. “My Life,” 52nd Street (1978)

16. “Just the Way You Are,” The Stranger (1977)

15. “She’s Got a Way,” Cold Spring Harbor (1971)

14. “Tell Her About It,” An Innocent Man (1983)

13. “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me,” Glass Houses (1980)

12. “Only the Good Die Young,” The Stranger (1977)

11. “Honesty,” 52nd Street (1978)

Something about the melody of this one strikes me as calming. I’ve always enjoyed it.

10. “She’s Always a Woman,” The Stranger (1977)

So purty this one is.

9. “Vienna,” The Stranger (1977)

8. “New York State of Mind,” Turnstiles (1976)

I’ve never even been to New York yet but this one kinda makes me want to.

7. “Piano Man,” Piano Man (1973)


6. “The Stranger,” The Stranger (1977)

5. “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant,” The Stranger (1977)

4. “Uptown Girl,” An Innocent Man (1983)

3. “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song),” The Stranger (1977)

“Heart at-ack-ack-ack!!!” Love the playfulness here.

2. “The River of Dreams,” River of Dreams 1993)

Not sure why, other than it ear-worm quality but this one left an immediate impression on my young 12 year old mind.

1. “The Longest Time,” An Innocent Man (1983)

Harmony sucks me in every time!

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