Another post, another list! Today we visit the year 2012 and highlight twenty-five excellent offerings from the world of faith-based music. The albums span musical stylings from hip-hop, to singer-songwriter—pop-punk, hard rock, Americana, and indie-rock to avant-garde modern worship. There’s a comeback album, a final album, a one-hit wonder, a magnum opus, and plenty more. Ultimately, I ranked them in order of my enjoyment, but these are what I would deem the cream-of-the-crop for Christian music in its fifth full decade. So strap on your seatbelt, because away we go into the Christian Music time machine to 2012!

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25. Heath McNease Thrift Store Jesus

24. Trip LeeThe Good Life

23. Children 18:3 On the Run

22. ShowbreadCancer

21. Project 86Wait for the Siren

20. Andrew Osegna Leonard the Lonely Astronaut

19. Future of ForestryYoung Man Follow

18. The Classic CrimePhoenix

17. Bebo NormanLights of a Distant City

16. Brandon HeathBlue Mountain

15. FlyleafNew Horizons

14. PropagandaExcellent

13. Mewithoutyou – Ten Stories

12. AnberlinVital

11. Beautiful EulogySatellite Kite

10. The Vespers – The Fourth Wall

Sister harmony and Americana stylings make for something a little different, and excellent. “Better Now” is my overall favorite track.

9. Paper RouteThe Peace of Wild Things

Indie pop with that chill kinda vibe I dig. May move higher on a list like this and make the Top 100 of the 10s list one day. It’s growing on me.

8. LecraeGravity

“Violence” “Fakin” and my overall favorite Lecrae song “Tell the World” make for a solid album.

7. Sixpence None The RicherLost in Transition

Sixpence with Country leanings? It works, and I like it. 4 Star album!

6. SonsKeep Quiet

Post-hardcore just like I like it that I stumbled on a few years ago at Jesusfreakhideout. I highly recommend, especially for fans of another terrific band—Attalus.

5. GungorA Creation Liturgy (Live)

My pick for their overall best work, Michael’s guitar prowess really stands out.

4. David Crowder BandGive Us Rest

An epic double album to end a top-notch career as the DC*B. They were the best worship-leaning band of their era hands down.

3. Young OceansSelf Titled

Relaxing indie worship full of space and moments to soak in the grandeur of God.

2. House of HeroesCold Hard Want

My pick for the third best album of their catalogue, but there are some really strong songs present here. The a capella start of “A Man Who’s Not Afraid,” “Remember the Empire,” “Touch This Light, “The Comfort Trap” and closer “I Am a Cymbal” are my Top 5, but the run from beginning through track eight is really hard to beat.

1. Andrew PetersonLight for the Lost Boy

His magnum opus, Peterson’s typical poetic story songs get some electric guitar oomph to spice things up. “Don’t you Want to Thank Someone” is worth the price of the whole album. 5 stars!

What about you?! What are your favorites from 2012?

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