It’s time for the monthly post detailing what albums and artist I’ve been listening to called What I’ve Heard May 2022 Edition.

May 2022 Listens
  • John Van Deusen dominated my monthly chart as I listened through his catalogue heavily in prep for his June 3 album release of Marathon Daze. Review of Marathon Daze.
  • The music listening club is responsible for the high level of Poor Old Lu and Blindside present here. I ended up really liking the POL album A Picture of the Eight Wonder, and would call it my new favorite. The Blindside listen solidified Silence as a 5 Star album and my overall favorite. I also picked up a greater appreciation for With Shivering Hearts We Wait and The Great Depression to the tune of 4 Stars each. Check out my previously posted Top 10 Blindside Songs.
  • There’s some staples present in The Beatles and Jars of Clay. I was trying to grow a better understanding/appreciation for the White album but I still can’t hear it as more of a fractured, disjointed mess with several highlights.
  • Colorvault’s album Faint was a pleasant, but not unexpected enjoyment, as I’ve historically enjoyed everything that Eric Marshall (Aka Young Oceans) has had a hand in. This is a more upbeat version of his typical mellowed vibes and it’s likely to make a play for Top 10 album of 2022 for me.
  • Brooke Ligertwood’s live solo album Seven re-engaged me nearly 3 months after it released and I returned to it enough to want to write up a late review for it at here.
  • Sam Cooke is so smooth and I find myself returning to him more and more regularly. I don’t see that changing anytime soon as he may eclipse Sinatra as my favorite old school vocalist.
  • The two John Williams Soundtracks were just me ridiculously trying to listen through all the Star Wars scores in one or two days at work. It was never gonna happen but I think I made it through five overall.
  • I was feeling some Rich Mullins and went back to the two albums of his I revisit most. Here’s a Post of My Top 20 Favorites.
  • Top 5 random outliers are from: (From L to R) Chidren 18:3 (Punk) Paper Route (Electro Pop), Andrew Peterson (Folk/Singer Songwriter), Chris Stapleton (County), and My Epic (acoustic).

That’s it! What have you been listening to?!

My Top 8 Most-Listened to artists in May and the track count below.