The recent 2010-2019 decade of Christian music was an interesting one. Of course there was the explosion of worship songs and albums bursting forth from every church and corner of the world, but there was also a big emphasis on hip-hop. In addition, as the CCM industry was overtaken by worship artists and positive pop on the radio, the indie scene continued to pump out the most daring and arresting music. While the industry narrowed, and labels took less and less chances developing artists, the rise of the DIY artist meant there was an ever increasing glut of options of what to listen to. Also, with the ability to make music on your laptop or on your own, it empowered the next generation of musicians to go for it, with or without label support. Lastly, it has largely bred a generation of artists less concerned about, or in need of the Christian label to make great, easily accessible music that has a wider appeal than that limiting label has afforded in the past. It’s a label I see less and less reason for and I’m ready for it to shift/evolve.

All that to say, you’ll see artists of faith who appear on this list even though they’ve never really gotten Christian music play or been classified as such. Artists like Twenty One Pilots, NF, and half*alive. You’ll also see several artists who started early on in the industry but have successfully cultivated an audience outside of it like Switchfoot, Needtobreathe, Lecrae, Lauren Daigle, and Colony House. Lastly, there is fifteen percent of the list that I’d consider congregational worship and another twenty-four to twenty-five percent that either started indie or still remains independent of label backing. It’s fairly diverse (aside from heavy music which I can appreciate but never give too much listening time to) and I’m proud of it.

So here goes…a hybrid list of my favorites and what I would consider the best 100 Songs released between 2010-2019. I sprinkled in some commentary throughout for context. Playlist linked at the bottom for you to listen along!

Top 100 Christian Songs of the 2010s

100. “Top Priority” – Tal & Acacia

99. “Uncomfortable” – Andy Mineo

98. “Manolo” – Trip Lee

97. “Church Clap” – KB/Lecrae

This tune has an accompanying dance and is/was unavoidable at church camps. I think it needs to be retired alongside “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” and a few others.

96. “Tremble” – Mosaic

95. “Sweep the Leg” – Family Force 5

I could have gone with several FF5 songs here including “Cray Button” and “Chainsaw” or “Zombie” but after a decade in youth ministry this is the one I can still stand.

94. “Diamnds” – Falling Up

93. “You Say” – Lauren Daigle

92. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” – Hillsong United

This isn’t the worship tune that started the slide of the industry in that direction, but I feel like it was the tipping point. Inescapable for nearly a decade.

91. “So Will I (100 Billion X) – Hillsong United

90. “Goodness of God” – Bethel

89. “Who You Say I Am” – Hillsong

88. “What A Beautiful Name” – Hillsong

87. “Sons & Daughters” – Iron Bell Worship

86. “Find You Here” – Ellie Holcomb

85. “Love Take Me Over” – Steven Curtis Chapman

84. “Dunk Contest (Magic Bird) – Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed

83. “Brother” – The Brilliance

82. “Dear Me” – Nichole Nordeman

81. “Take Me to the Mountain – Jetty Rae

80. “Doxology” – Beautiful Eulogy

79. “My Victory” – Crowder

78. “Kings & Queens” – Audio Adrenaline

Best song of a surprisingly good and all-too-short Kevin Max era of Audio Adrenaline.

77. “When I Grow Up” – NF

76. “Dig New Streams” – Switchfoot

75. “Remember the Empire” – House of Heroes

74. “Sticks & Stones” – Cass

Indie electronic pop artist surprised me with this mellow yet danceable track.

73. “God Only Knows” – For King & Country

72. “Let You Down” – NF

71. “No Time For Shame” – Ethan C. Davis

70. “Need You (How Many Times)” – Plumb

69. “The Breakup Song” – Francesca Battistelli

This is the increasingly rare pop song that’s both catchy and has a great message while saying it in a different/clever way. I think Bart Millard (MercyMe) has writing credits on it if I’m not mistaken.

68. “As You Find Me” – Hillsong United

One of the few congregational (ish) worship songs that blew me away and hasn’t grown old yet. So powerful.

67. “Floodplain” – Sara Groves

66. “Marigold” – Relient K

65. “Trouble Found Me” – Madison Cunningham

She’s a young and talented singer songwriter with excellent guitar skills and a knack for catchy melody’s.

64. “Letter to the Editor” – J Lind

63. “Abundance” – Future of Forestry

Yes, an instrumental song makes the list. It’s so very beautiful and calming, a staple on my nighttime bedtime mix.

62. “I’ll Find You (Feat. Tori Kelly) – Lecrae

61. “Money & Fame” – Needtobreathe

60. “If the House Burns Down Tonight” – Switchfoot

59. “Lord I Need You” – Matt Maher

A must for all my worship playlists. A song of surrender that moves me emotionally every time I sing it.

58. “High Enough” – The Gray Havens

57. “Every Mile Mattered” – Nichole Nordeman

After a long (13 years I think?) hiatus, songstress Nordeman returns and lands two songs on this list with this title track being my favorite. Piano-based song with top-notch lyrics.

56. “Speak Life” – Tobymac

I’m on record as saying that the Eye On It album that this song is from is Tobymac’s worst, but this individual song is great.

55. “Afterlife” – Switchfoot

54. “Caught Me By Surprise” – Colony House

53. “Alone” – My Epic

My favorite track and maybe the most earnest/upbeat of an overall chill album for the nighttime listens.

52. “Girl with the Tiger Eyes” – Kevin Max

51. “The Resistance” – Josh Garrels

Intense and driving this is a great hip-hop infused singer songwriter track from much-beloved indie artist.

Top 50

50. “My Story” – Big Daddy Weave

This one has the capacity to make me cry every time I hear it, and definitely if I sing along.

49. “Made Alive” – Citizens

48. “Come to Us Lord” – Young Oceans

47. “Brother” – Needtobreathe

46. “In the Woodshop” – Falling Up

45. “Eyes Wide Open” – Jars of Clay

Also featuring Burlap to Cashmere, Mac Powell, and Derek Webb this is my favorite song from one of my least favorite (but still loved) Jars albums.

44. “Anything But Country” – Andy Mineo

43. “The Rain Keeps Falling” – Andrew Peterson

42. “State I’m In” – Needtobreathe

41. “Something in the Water” – Brooke Fraser

A happy-go-lucky and catchy love song.

40. “Here’s My Heart” – Crowder

39. “Tell the World” – Lecrae

38. “Things You Were” – Deas Vail

37. “Trees” – Twenty One Pilots

Seeing it performed live is an experience I wish everyone could have. Very moving.

36. “I Just Need U” – Tobymac

Hands down my favorite Tobymac song in a long time. So catchy.

35. “Far Kingdom” – The Gray Havens

34. “Waiting For My Time to Come” – Colony House

33. “Arrow” – half*alive

Man do I identify with the chorus of this track the last few years…

The hardest place to be
Is right where you are
In the space between
The finish and the start
Is the Arrow in your heart

32. “His Heart Beats” – Andrew Peterson

31. “Sooner or Later” – Mat Kearney

30. “Coming in Hot” – Lecrae/Andy Mineo

29. “Zen & The Art of Xenophobia” – Five Iron Frenzy

In-your-face and convicting.

28. “God Save the Foolish Kings” – House of Heroes

27. “Stressed Out” – Twenty One Pilots

26. “Beautiful Things” – Gungor

Top 25

25. “You & I” – Colony House

I’ve played the heck out of this song and I’m still not sick of it. Just how I like my indie-flavored pop rock.

24. “Local Construction – Relient K

23. “Where I Belong” – Switchfoot

It’s a concert staple used for closing down the show more often than not for a reason. Classic.

22. “Oohs and Ahhs” – Needtobreathe

This. Song. Wails.

21. “Creature” – half*alive

Seeing them closing their incredible live show with this song was a treat.

20. “If All is Nothing/Nothing Must End – John Van Deusen

So tender. So authentic. So necessary for this modern world of anxiety and suicide ideation.

19. “To Thee We Run” – Young Oceans

18. “Inland” – Jars of Clay

17. “All Shall Be Well” – John Van Deusen

16. “Love Reclaims the Atmosphere” – Burlap to Cashmere

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…Simon & Garfunkel wish they wrote this one.

15. “Be Clean Again” – Heath McNease

14. “All the Poor & Powerless” – All Sons & Daughters

13. “Naked Feet & Holy Fire” – Kings Kaleidoscope

12. “Is He Worthy?” – Andrew Peterson

This should probably be Top 10. So transcendent.

11. “Sirens” – Attalus

You gotta listen to this one loud. Wall of guitars and just the right amount of screaming.

Top 10

10. “Nothing Stands Between Us” – John Mark McMillan

After an entire album of wrestling (Mercury & Lightning) this song wraps up the journey in such a satisfying way.

9. “We Will Feast in the House of Zion” – Sandra McCracken

I keep returning to this one lately as I find my longing for Heaven becoming more and more strong with each passing year. What a day that will be!

8. “Jumpsuit” – Twenty One Pilots

Simply put this song rocks.

7. “Farther Along” – Josh Garrels

I remember being completely enraptured by this song when I first heard it. It holds up.

6. “Keep Forgiving” – Levi the Poet

I hadn’t heard this until I happened to see him perform it live. Talk about chill bumps.

5. “Three Birds in Babylon” – The Gray Havens

I got totally wrapped into deciphering the lyrics to this one and likely went further than the artist intended but it was fun and the song remains a favorite.

4. “Love in the Hard Times” – Jars of Clay

For them to write such a piercingly gorgeous song is no surprise. It’s the wearied beauty that only a seasoned band could pull off so flawlessly.

3. “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone” – Andrew Peterson

Epic doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. What a tremendous songwriter.

2. “How to Be Yours” – Chris Renzema

I’m undone by this song every single time. The back-and-forth, the trepidation answered with assured love. It’s all so moving and perfect.

1. “Every Power Wide Awake” – John Van Deusen

He’s been my favorite artist of the last 5-6 years hands down. I could have gone with any number or his songs from the album of the same name, but this ultimately had to be in. Fuzz guitars. 10 min runtime. Nakedly authentic lyrics that I’ll leave you with like:

And here I am with every power wide awake
Lifted hands, this selfish heart is Your’s to break

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