MercyMe is approaching thirty years together as a band, (formed in 1994) with over twenty of those years with a label, rattling off hit after hit from 2001 to the present. It’s been an impressive run after years of working the independent music scene. While perhaps best known for their smash crossover song “I Can Only Imagine,” they also have a vast and strong catalogue comprised of six indie albums and twelve label released records. All this to say, they’ve had a long and fruitful career to this point, and since I’ve been an off and on fan of their work since their 1996 indie worship album Traces of Rain, I thought I’d spend some concentrated time with their full discography. On the other side of an all day marathon, these are my Top 25 Songs by MercyMe.

25. “One Trick Pony” – Coming Up to Breathe (2006)

Like much of the Coming up to Breathe album, this track has a country-lite vibe to it that was a nice departure from the more straight ahead pop/rock of the three predecessors.

24. “Here With Me” – Undone (2004)

This song is a great snapshot of much of CCM radio in the early to mid-2000s. They do it so well.

23. “Spoken For” – Spoken For (2002)

I’m sure it was anxiety-inducing to think of following up such a smash like “I Can Only Imagine,” but I think they did a fine job on album two and with this the next single.

22. “Finally Home” – All that is Within Me (2007)

A sequel of sorts to “I Can Only Imagine” this is a hopeful and sweet closer for one of, if not their best overall album.

21. “Here Am I” – Almost There (2001)

A mission-minded tune, adept at exhorting us all to fulfill the great commission.

20. “Stirring” – Traces of Rain (1996)

They didn’t write it, but their acoustic guitar based version at a youth revival is where I first heard it. It soars and inspires with its earnest simplicity every time.

19. “Shake” – Welcome to the New (2014)

Inescapable on the radio when it came out, this is still a fun one to hear and turn up loud.

18. “So Long Self” – Coming Up to Breathe (2006)

This song has always struck me as clever.

17. “Almost Home” – Inhale (Exhale) (2021)

After 2019’s excellent Lifer album, I was a little disappointed with their 2021 offering Inhale (Exhale), but I this song stands out as the best overall.

16. “Keep Singing” – Undone (2004)

A piano ballad with a melancholy (and perfect) melody.

15. “Welcome to the New” – Welcome to the New (2014)

Upbeat and joyous, this is a great opener to the album of the same name and makes for a perfect song for the driving playlist.

14. “Lifer” – Lifer (2017)

Typical to their later career tunes this is a bop. Hard not to move/dance (even for good baptists) when this one comes on.

13. “Hold Fast” – Coming Up to Breathe (2006)

I’ve always been encouraging by this ardent pop/rock tune.

12. “Goodbye Ordinary” – All that is Within Me (2007)

Perhaps the most straight ahead rock and roll the band has ever gotten, and I’m here for it. Of course it still has their accessible pop sheen, but I like that they stretched their sonics. This feels like it could have been a tune from PFR or even a tamer Switchfoot tune.

11. “If I Could Just Sit With You Awhile” – Traces of Rain (1996)

A cover tune like “Stirring” in this list, I also heard their version first so I’m partial to it. It’s tender and contemplative.

Top 10

10. “You Reign” – All that is Within Me (2007)

Yet another tune tailor-made for radio play, I like the string section that leads off the song and then then the guitar flourishes off the verses before the more soaring/driving chorus.

9. “Happy Dance” – Lifer (2017)

I can’t hear this song without seeing lead singer Bart Millard’s goofy grin in the ultimate of silly music videos for this danceable song.

8. “God with Us” – All that is Within Me (2007)

This is the prototypical mid-tempo MercyMe radio jam, but it’s done well.

7. “I Worship You” – Almost There (2001)

This was the intro to the band for many, and it’s a fine one. Bouncy and exuberant.

6. “Greater” – Welcome to the New (2014)

This is a stomp-clap good time.

5. “Where You Lead Me” – Undone (2004)

There is a buoyant feel to this track that has always drawn me in. It has all the earmarks of early MercyMe…earnest to a faults, though it does feature some delightful swirling strings and blasts of guitar to make for a perfect opening song on the album.

4. “All of Creation” – The Generous Mr. Lovewell (2010)

The album was a mixed bag, but this one always drew me in. Again, nothing earth-shatteringly innovative here, just really fine pop-worship. I think they just do it best of the best. Also, the not Millard holds out near the end is terrific.

3. “I Can Only Imagine” – Almost There (2001)

What can be said…it’s popular for a reason. It’s great. I love that it’s great because it wasn’t trying to be, not actually catching on until far after he wrote it. I think some of the best music is born from struggle and pain.

2. “Even If” – Lifer (2017)

Some of their best lyrics if you as me. Modern radio needs more honesty on it like this.

1. “Word of God Speak” – Spoken For (2002)

My favorite MercyMe tune holds a special place in my heart as it is one I’ve sung as a church special music on many an occasion early in young adult life. it was the second single on their second album and helped cement them as a band on the rise and no one hit wonder.

What about you? What are your favorite MercyMe songs? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s a playlist (Minus the two indie songs) to listen along!

Happy listening! – Josh

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