It’s time for the monthly post detailing what albums and artist I’ve been listening to called What I’ve Heard: August 2022 Edition.

Top 25 Albums of August 2022
  • Keith Green passed away 40 years ago. He along with Rich Mullins are two foundational artists for me. I admire their passion, their authenticity, and their all-too-short discographies. I honored his memory/legacy by streaming my favorite Album and wrote about my Top 20 of his songs HERE.
  • Working on the computer a majority of the day means I need some strong instrumental music that won’t distract me but keep me moving. The Friday Night Lights Movie Soundtrack (which features band Explosions in the Sky primarily) and Union by Future of Forestry (a longtime favorite) fit the bill perfectly. The Daniel Lanois song “Sonho Dourado” is my current favorite and caused me to pull the trigger on purchasing it to add to my nighttime playlist.
  • I tried The Gypsy Kings for the first time based on the fact that they were a big influence on a favorite 90s band Burlap to Cashmere. I liked it enough to spin it more than once. I’ll likely revisit them in the near future. I also, gave Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago a shot, and it left me thinking, “why did I wait so long?!” It’s way my vibe and I’ll be adding it to a more regular rotation.
  • New releases in August by Norma Jean and TobyMac got lots of love and I wrote a short Second Opinion for the Tobymac album at Jesusfreakhideout HERE. Also, the Norma Jean record is solid (I’m a newer fan and it’s no All Hail or Wrongdoers but still good) and I’d peg “Spearmint Revolt” as my overall favorite track. You can read several great reviews of it HERE.
  • Falling Up makes the most appearances with (4!) albums present. I’m a newer fan (as of 2017/2018) so I need to give them as much time as possible. Their album Midnight on Earthship is my current obsession. I plan to keep diving deeply into their discography in prep of a catalogue and song rank for early next year. Stay tuned. P.S. Band Mewithoutyou is slated for that treatment as well.
  • I took on two recommendations previously unknown to me at all and ended up liking them both…a lot. Sides of the North’s 2005 indie-flavored alt/rock album The Incurable Romantic and current indie band Our Great Lifeboat’s Infinite Joy. Sides of the North (recommended by friend Scott) rocks, and features many interesting electric guitar riffs/moments, while Our Great Lifeboat takes a gentler approach with banjo, and a more bluegrass/Americana stylings. Both are excellent and I recommend them if they pique your interest.
  • Stereotype Be by Kevin Max turned 21 years old on August 28th so I celebrated by spinning it a few times. This one is still on my vinyl wish list and I hope to snag it soon. I’ve written more in-depth about the amazing debut before here: 20 Years Later: Stereotype Be
  • Several all-timer albums popped up in Hold Still (Taylor Leonhardt), Much Afraid (Jars of Clay), Viva La Vida (Coldplay), and Self Titled, by The Waiting. All worth a listen if you’ve never heard them. (But please tell me you’ve atleast heard the Jars and Coldplay albums prior)
  • John Van Deusen appears again for likely the third (I’m not going back to look) or fourth month in a row. His 5-Star Album Marathon Daze got the D-Sides (which had only been available on Bandcamp) released to streaming services under the name Content (not sure why) but I’m glad to be able to add it to my now complete 61 song Spotify list of his four part I Am Origami series. Listen in HERE and read my full review of Marathon Daze HERE.
  • Last but not least, here’s my running playlist of 2022 songs I’ve enjoyed. 2022 Favorite Songs.

What about you? What are you listening to? What are you looking forward to hearing slated to release in September?

Happy listening everyone! – Josh