The Gray Havens have been one of my favorite artists of the last 6-7 years and I think they’re vastly underrated. They’ve been producing some of the best narrative pop songs since 2013, and while their following has certainly grown in that time, I’m surprised it isn’t even bigger. Then again, all indie artists in the non-radio style struggle in the Christian music arena as everyone vies for attention in the crowded streaming world. So, since I just saw them in concert for the second time last weekend, I thought I’d shine some light on their body of work as it approaches a decade in the making across five excellent albums. Dave Radford is clearly inspired by writers, with references to the works of authors like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien popping up regularly. It’s one of my favorite things about the husband & wife duo, and it’s a big reason why my kids also enjoy their music and that they stand out. I hope that their appreciation for the references only grow as they age into the Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia even deeper over the coming years.

This go-around in support of their terrific 2021 album Blue Flower, I decided to take the whole family and even the youngest (6) enjoyed himself to the concert. It was a smaller show with maybe 300 max people present, so it felt intimate and was kicked off in fine fashion by fellow indie artist Lovkn who raced through 5-6 songs with only his acoustic guitar and vocal acrobatics. It was a good time and my kind of show, mostly seated with good line of sight to the stage. I also snagged a vinyl copy of Blue Flower to further support the band and left the night fulfilled.

After the concert I figured I’d blast out my Top 20 of their songs and include a playlist as per usual, for those unfamiliar to listen along to see if The Gray Havens could become a part of their regular rotation. So here goes…

20. “Train Station”Where Eyes Don’t Go (2013)

19. “She Waits”She Waits (2018)

18. “Music, They Call Me” – Fire and Stone (2015)

17. “Stole My Fame (To: Grace)”– Fire and Stone (2015)

16. “Jack and Jill, Pt. 2”– Fire and Stone (2015)

15. “Band of Gold”Ghost of a King (2016)

14. “Storehouse”She Waits (2018)

13. “Rhythm of the East”Blue Flower (2021)

12. “Silver”Where Eyes Don’t Go (2013)

11. “Endless Summer”Blue Flower (2021)

10. “Ghost of a King”Ghost of a King (2016)

9. “It’s Possible”Blue Flower (2021)

8. “Gray Flowers”Where Eyes Don’t Go (2013)

7. “Forever”- She Waits (2018)

6. “Wide Awake” Blue Flower (2021)

5. “Blue Flower”Blue Flower (2021)

4. “High Enough” She Waits (2018)

3. “Far Kingdom”Fire and Stone (2015)

2. “Paradise”Blue Flower (2021)

1. “Three Birds in Babylon”She Waits (2018)

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