It’s time for the monthly post detailing what albums and artists I’ve been listening to called What I’ve Heard: November 2022 Edition. This is the last of these posts for the year before locking in my Top 20 Albums of 2022 post in 2-3 weeks!

The family took a much needed trip to the mountains during thanksgiving so a few of these soundtracked our drive as each family member who wanted to got to make an album pick. The only rule was we had to listen to the whole thing.

The 6-yr old choose Lecrae, the 10-yr old passed, the 12-yr old choose Chris RenzemaLet the Ground Rest (not appearing here), the 14-yr old chose NAMOSelf-Titled (not appearing here), the wife chose Caedmon’s CallSelf-Titled, and I chose DctalkFree at Last. We also fashioned a playlist of artists that make of think of road-trips and TN specifically called Ten-I-See Mix if you wanna listen in.

I’m out of time (and energy) so my thoughts will be brief. Apologies.

  • Lecrae took my top spot totally surprising me with a great overall album. Several of his best songs yet are present here on Church Clothes 4. “Spread the Opps” “Good Lord” “Still in America” and “Deconstruction” are my favorites.
  • Kings Kaleidoscope – Further getting under my skin after many tries, I really like Baptized Imagination after all. You’ll be seeing this among my Top 20 at years end.
  • Caedmon’s Call – Self-Titled. At long last and after the band reassembled to re-record the whole self titled album…it’s available to stream! My road-trips have gotten so much better and I eagerly anticipate my copy on vinyl in the near future.
  • Drew Miller – A great “surprise” on the year There Will Be Surprises continues to impress and offer lyrical treasure.
  • Young Oceans – Subjects in Motion. Re-imagined Young Oceans songs with other Christian artists taking lead on vocals. My favorites feature Josh Garrels, Tenielle Neda, and Molly Parden.
  • Bellsburg SessionsBellsburg: (The Songs of Rich Mullins) A well-done covers album of Rich Mullins songs with Americana musical leanings. Worth some time. Always great to hear Mullins songs.
  • Dctalk’s Free at Last is 30?! Just so on the 18th of Nov. It’s a 5 Star Album people! Just embrace it.
  • Plead the Widows Cause – Pain Split. Not fully my go-to style but probably the best harder-edged rock album from the Christian realm this year.
  • Half*alive – Now, Not Yet. I was prepping for their second full length dropping tomorrow. (Dec. 2) Great dancey-pop rock. “Creature” alone is worth the price of the album.
  • John Van Deusen – In the Bleak Midwinter. Mellow late-night Christmas covers featuring stellar violin parts. It’s Sufjan Stevens-adjacent stylistically.

Lastly, A playlist of 2022 Released Songs for your enjoyment.

Stay tuned for my Top 20 Albums of 2022 post in 2-3 weeks!