Maybe it’s a redundant post to make a list of the Top lists you write in a given year…yet I couldn’t help myself. No one else may care about the deeper numbers but I’m fascinated and often surprised on what my modest readership seems to enjoy the most. Of course, I’m a nostalgic kinda guy and I lean heavy into those posts in this space so it’s no surprise to see so many 90s-based lists in the Top 22 most-read/viewed.

A few devotional blogs made the list and I’m very proud of them, even if it isn’t the type of post that gets the highest traffic. Anyway, 2023 will bring with it a much slower pace on this blog with only 15-20 posts planned for the year. That puts me on roughly a 1-2 posts a month pace instead of attempting four or more a month. I hope I can simultaneously up the quality of less posts as well as spend more time on a work or fiction I need to get down on paper. I guess we’ll see.

Without further ado, below are the Top 22 Jukebox Junkie (that’s me) Posts of 2022. Each one is linked for your ease if you missed them at the time of listing. Just click the blue link and enjoy!

1. 100 Greatest Christian Songs of the 90s

The runaway hit this year…like 2x the amount of views and interactions of my #2. I may expand this list to 250 or 500 in the near future. Or not.

2. 100 Greatest Christian albums of the 90s

Still my personal favorite list with so many of my all-time favorite albums on it. While I didn’t write either of the Top 2 lists in 2022 they continue to outpace everything else two and three years since their initial posting.

3. 1997: 25 Albums 25 Years Later

My Top list actually written in 2022 and #3 overall goes to my second favorite year of Christian music. So many great albums just celebrated their 25th anniversary. Which also means I’m getting old and feeling old(er).

4. Every Switchfoot Song Ranked

This needs to be updated again since the Christmas album released in 2022. Amazing that they’re still going strong 26 years later.

5. 500 Greatest Christian Albums of the 90s

A list I made to act like a database of an amazing decade. These are the 500 (yes I think there are that many good ones) albums worth listening to, with most worthy of a collectors collection.

6. Top 100 Songs of the 2000s

Another great decade of tunes! So many favorites spanning a wider variety of genres like ska, hip-hop, hard rock and much more! Featuring artists like Switchfoot, Relient K, Mae, etc.

7. Top 25 Songs: Kevin Max

Mr. Vibrato! He has quite the eclectic catalogue. These are what I’d pick as his best twenty-five.

8. Top 100 Songs of the 2010s

The most recent decade to slide right by, this has some worship songs but not as many as you might expect.

9. 1992: 30 Albums that (Mostly) Hold Up

It’s a strong year highlighted by Dctalk’s Free at Last.

10. Top 20 Forefront Records Releases of All-Time

Probably my go-to label during my favorite decade. So many iconic albums released by ForeFront Records.

11. My 100 Favorite Albums of All-Time

This list will of course shuffle some in and out over the next 15-20 years but the core of it will likely stand the test of time. I return to these the most!

12. Friendly Fire: Deconstruction, The Christian, & Christian Music

This one was tough to write but I’m proud of it. It’s a call to show compassion and get off our high horsies.

13. My Top 10 Bands of All-Time

Another list that has a small chance of shifting but I kinda doubt it. Especially the Top 7.

14. 100 Greatest Alt-Rock Songs of the 90s

I don’t dip into the mainstream much but when I do it’s likely from the 90s or early 00s. So many great radio songs from my teen years driving to baseball practice.

15. 2002: 20 Albums Celebrate 20 Years

There’s a few excellent albums that dropped in 2002…these are the twenty that I’d vouch for giving a shot.

16. Jukebox Junkie’s Top 20 Albums of 2022

Music from 2022, how did this get here?! But serious, I really enjoyed the options this year. These were my favorites albums.

17. Top 20: Keith Green Songs

This was a hard one to narrow down, but I’m mostly satisfied with my choices.

18. The 90s, Carpet Walls and the Illusion of Nostalgia

It took me the longest to finish this one as it’s an idea I had starting in 2021. At long last I pieced it together. It may be my overall favorite blog of the year. Very proud of this one.

19. Greatest Christian Albums of the 90s Vol. 2 (250-101)

In all fairness I need to spend more time writing little blurbs for this list but I just don’t think I can swing it. I felt the urge to expand the Top 100 into the Top 250 but other than compiling and ordering them I ran out of steam.

20. 2012: 25 Albums Celebrate 10 Years

Andrew Peterson, David Crowder Band, Propaganda, Sons, House of Heroes and many more!

21. 50 Album Recommendations for 2022

The list of 50 albums that I pulled my Top 20 albums from this year broken out into a top 10 of five different genres.

22. Top 20 John Van Deusen Songs

He’s quickly risen up the ranks of favorite all-time artists with nearly every song he releases hitting the right notes for me. These are my favorite twenty of his songs…so far.

That’s it! What was your favorite Jukebox Junkie list/post of 2022?! Let me know in the comments!

Cya next year for lists/posts featuring Top 25 Falling Up Songs, Top 25 The Cranberries Songs, Retrospectives on Albums from 1998, 2003, 2013 and maybe (just maaaaybe) another large scale project I’m still deciding how to release.