Compilation albums are largely irrelevant in this day and age of music streaming, but they were once responsible for shaping my music taste. This was largely by way of introducing me to a larger variety of artists at a cheap price…aka the point of a sampler. So many of my now favorite artists are because I first heard one of their songs on a compilation that was either free with purchase of a featured band or 1.99/2.99 otherwise. Also, fair warning though there are a billion WOW compilation albums it doesn’t make this list falling into the honorable mention category. If I had to pick a year as my favorite though it would likely be 1997 or 1998. Anyway, here we go!

20. Songs from the penalty box Vol. 6 (2009)

Mostly here by reputation and not because I ever owned one though I’m familiar with many of the songs and artists. Definitely an iconic compilation series that just made a comeback in 2020!!

19. 7ball Magazine: Gas Compilation 4 (1996)

I don’t know why but I never owned many (if any) of these growing up. A true crime if ever there was one.

18. Never Say Dinosaur (1995)

Jars of Clay’s cover of “Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows” is tops on this tribute to Petra.

17. Veggie Rocks! (2004)

“In The Belly of the Whale” and “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” are both awesome tracks and “His Cheeseburger” and the “Hairbrush Song” are both well done too. Fun album.

16. Ten: The Birthday Album Forefront (1998)

“Birthday” by Mr. Kevin Max is my favorite

15. Seltzer 2 (1998)

I heard so many great tunes for the first time by way of this one!

14. Awesome God: Rich Mullins Tribute (1998)

“If I Stand” by Jars comes very close to unseating they original as a favorite.

13. Strong Hand of Love Mark Heard Tribute (1994)

“Lonely Moon” covered by Kevin Max is one of my favorite 90s songs of all time…so good. “Always Do” by Phil Keaggy is another fave. Those two covers got me interested in checking out the rest of Heard’s excellent body of works

12. Listen Louder (1999)

“Spirit” by Switchfoot…great tune.

11. !Hero The Rock Opera (2002)

More a soundtrack than a compilation I do what I want and here it is…I return to “Raised in Harlem” most.

10. Seltzer (1996)

Another compilation like the second entry that introduced me to the more rock vibes of the Christian music scene.

9. In the Name of Love (2004)

Sixpence made me go in search of the original “Love is Blindness” it’s so good. Also love the spin on “All I Want Is You” and “When Love Comes to Town.”

8. City on a Hill (2000)

“God of Wonders” is a top 25 worship song of all time in my opinion. This album is great, and I love the community theme and execution.

7. Streams In The Desert (1999)

This was the soundtrack to my lonely first year of college…it lulled me to sleep most nights.

6. Along the Road (1994)

Funny how I talk about not loving country but 3 of the top 10 on this list are country/bluegrass. These are three of the best voices in Christian music as far as I’m concerned.

5. Roaring Lambs (2000)

The book is a must for any high school/college student in my opinion. The album has some truly excellent songs including a return by the defunct PFR, and terrific songs by Sixpence, Burlap, Steve Taylor, and Jars of Clay.

4. Simply Fabulous (1997)

The Waiting, Reality Check, Smalltown, Bleach, Switchfoot, Grammatrian…c’mon!

3. Exodus (1998)

One of the first worship albums I really paid attention other the #2 on this list. The usual suspects show up here but Dctalk, Jars, and Sixpence release some of their best EVER songs in here. So good. Also, Crystal Lewis wails on “Salvation Belongs To Our God.”

2. Songs From the Loft (1993)

This album is impossibly linked to some of my favorite times growing up as a teen. I performed them in a musical, I own two copies…lotsa nostalgia vibes. Acoustic Country with a worshipful bent.

1. Glory Revealed (2007)

Bluegrass/Acoustic/Country Sonics are the backdrop for these straight scripture songs. It would be Impossible to calculate how many times I’ve spun this one. I’d also love to petition it get pressed on vinyl. LOVE it!

What about you?! What were/are your favorite compilation albums in Christian music?

Happy listening everyone!