I hesitated to pull the trigger on band NEEDTOBREATHE as an option for the ongoing “Top 20 Songs of 20 Artists” series because they’re still trucking along. Though founding member and brother Bo has left the group for their newest album Out of Body (which is fantastic btw) I worried about being able to narrow down my favorites as they are still a moving target. It wasn’t as hard as I had imagined, but not because they don’t have plenty or terrific songs to choose from, but my favorites have been pretty well ingrained and hard to unseat…even still, there may be a surprise or two in store…specifically one hit song that’s not present at all. 😬 Onward!

No Bo! 😢

20. “HARD LOVE” – HARD LOVE (2016)

Here were several iterations or this song but I prefer the straight up original.

19. “Multiplied” – Rivers in the Wasteland (2014)

I didn’t want to like this song because it felt like pandering to the CCM radio crowd but it cannot be denied. Great ballad.

18. “Riding High” – Out of Body (2020)

This tune is crazy fun, features great guitar solos, and is begging for a Bonnie & Clyde/Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid inspired music video.

17. “Survival” – Out of Body (2020)

I have a sneaky suspicion this tune ranks inside my top 10 this year. Ellie Holcomb steals the show that is all.

16. “We Could Run Away” – The Heat (2007)

I think this was the first song by the fellas I immediately gravitated toward upon hearing The Heat album. Wore it out in my Jeep stereo that year.

15. “Washed By The Water” – The Heat (2007)

Maybe the first song by the band I ever heard? Surely not. Either way, a soulful slice of gospel infused southern rock.

14. “Signature Of Divine [Yahweh]” – The Heat (2007)

13. “Cages” – HARD CUTS EP (2017)

Just go listen to it…https://youtu.be/hzVwKh1F-3A

12. “WHEN I SING” – HARD LOVE (2016)

This is a catchy one, try not getting it stuck on repeat in your head.

11. “Garden” – The Outsiders (2009)

Just. Look. At. The. Lyrics.

10. “MONEY & FAME” – HARDLOVE (2016)

I felt like this was a great mix of rock and pop to balance out some good guitar moments and a killer pop hook.

9. “Difference Maker” – Rivers in the Wasteland (2014)

Some would say too on the nose, but I like this twisty-turny song…makes you think about what you’re singing.

8. “Cops” – Keep Your Eyes Open EP (2012)

Guitars made to sound like sirens?! C’mon, I’m in you should be too. Defiant and wailing, I love to listen to this one in the car.

7. “Brother” – Rivers in the Wasteland (2014)

Love hearing this one live…feel like it’ll lose some of its magic sans brother Bo up there on stage with them though. Still a great hard hitting song.

6. “Keep Your Eyes Open” – The Reckoning (2011)

I’m not exactly sure why I dig this one so much…but I doooooo!

5. “Something Beautiful” – The Outsiders (2009)

Another perfectly radio-ready song that doesn’t get old.

4. “Girl Named Tennessee” – The Outsiders (2009)

A truly danceable tune if there ever was one, this song is infectious.

3. “State I’m In” – Rivers in the Wasteland (2014)

I’m a sucker for The Beach Boys harmonies in the intro and interspersed throughout. Brilliantly pulled of vocally and a nice dose of diversity to their Americana/southern rock sound.

2. “Prisoner” – The Outsiders (2009)

This one wails hard and I’m here for it.

1. “Oohs and Ahhs” – The Reckoning (2011)

I can’t get enough of this barn-burner. It’s got attitude, guitars, singable oohs and ahhs, what else could you want?

Boom! How about you, what are your favorite NEEDTOBREATHE songs?!

As always, if you liked the list, agree/disagree, or think a friend would appreciate it let me know, like, comment and/or share it!

Happy listening all!