From 1992-2005 Audio Adrenaline was a constant in my life. I wasn’t always the most attentive friend post 2001, but they were the soundtrack to many fond memories in the 90s. They were a band I could count on to deliver feel good vibes whenever I needed them. They were rock steady, pun intended. Here I rank the catalogue of the Mark Stuart era. The reincarnation effort with Kevin Max was a fine thing in and of itself, but it wasn’t Audio A. Though I chose not to include anything but the Stuart-led version, If pressed I’d probably rank Kings & Queens in the middle somewhere around five out of the nine slots. K-Max did a great job and I would have loved an additional album with him at the helm, but alas it was not meant to be. Nonetheless, It’s a fine slice of pop/rock and several of the songs fit right in among vintage Audio A.

Here we go!

8. Self-Titled – (1992)

A highly cheesy debut effort finds them struggling to find a “sound.” The Beastie Boys vibe didn’t quite work, but I like and return to “Who Do You Love” most. Things only get better from here!

7. My Heart Caves In – (2005)

Stuart’s voice was fading fast and I believe Tyler Burkum sang lead on several songs. This has a few gems but it was largely forgettable in my estimation.

6. Worldwide – (2003)

I own this one and have listened to it very little. This record released during the time period that I checked out on the band for a few years.

5. Some Kind Of Zombie – (1997)

The title track alone makes this worthy of top 5 status in my opinion. The song and accompanying music video are perfect. “Chevette” and “Blitz” are two other favorites but I never really had an attachment to this one for some reason. Probably because I was preoccupied with All Star United and Smalltown Poets at this point.

4. Don’t Censor Me – (1993)

Don’t know what happened between albums one and this follow-up but this is worlds better. I’m glad they got another shot or the world would have never gotten the inescapable youth ministry staple “Big House.” Kevin Max steals the show with his guest vocals on “My Worldview” in my opinion. I also love “Don’t Censor Me,” “We’re A Band,” and “Can’t Take God Away From Me” are essentials as well.

3. Lift – (2001)

I warmed to this one late but when I it shot up the list in appreciation when I did. So much so it almost landed in the number two spot due to the worshipful “Ocean Floor” and “Tremble.” Combined with the Uber-catchy “Beautiful,” “You Still Amaze Me,” and “Summertime” and you’ve got a top notch set of songs. The band never reached these heights again as far as I’m concerned.

2. Underdog – (1999)

Underdog is just pure fun. I consider this a must-have album for any long road trip. “Get Down” is pop perfection. “Hands and Feet” is a classic. Hard not to smile listening to the title track and so many others on Underdog.

1. Bloom – (1996)

It doesn’t get anymore quinesseitial Audio A than Bloom in my book. Guitar licks and hooks all over the place. The first five tracks are as strong of an opening statement as you can hear. “Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus,” “Walk on Water,” “Secret,” and my ultra-fave the wailing “I’m Not The King” are so good. Second half is anchored by cover song “Free Ride” and fantastic slow jam “Man of God.” This is an Excellent record from top to bottom and worthy of top 50 albums in CCM of the 90s.

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Happy listening!