I know I sound like one of those “they-don’t-make-music-like-they-used-to” guys stuck on the music from my formative years, but atleast in this case I’m right. I think. At the very least I remember the output of Christian music in the 90s containing some hint of more than most current Christian music. What’s missing? (Aside from my nostalgia drenched glasses that is) Anyway, I love 90s Christian music, and I think there may be a few more who share that affinity. So, for us riding the nostalgia factor hard, here is my ranking of the top 25 bands from the era. The ranking was decided upon by using the following criteria: did the band make a wide impact on the industry? Did they have any crossover success? Did they innovate, or were they atleast the best at what they did? Has the music aged well? How strong was their overall 90s discography? I will give my reasoning for why each is included on the list as best I can, though you’re free to disagree and tell me why. I hope you enjoy the read even if your list would look totally different. Now that everything is clear as mud, let’s proceed!

[Update] Due to some well-reasoned and passionate arguments from readers, I’ve decided to expand the list to the top 25 adding five additional and deserving bands to the list.

Honorable Mentions:

Burlap To Cashmere – 1 Album (1 Classic)

If ever a band was deserving of Top 20 status on the strength of a singular release Burlap would have been the one. Alas, I just can’t do it. Anybody Out There? is a classic though and should be appreciated fully.

Smalltown Poets – 2 Albums (1 Classic)

Debut self-titled is a must!

Guardian – 5 Albums (1 Classic)

A chameleon band of sorts who went through several music reinventions.

Bride – 6 Albums (1 Classic)

Snakes in the Playground nuff said.

Switchfoot – 2 Albums (1 Classic)

Iconic band that kept getting better and better. 1999s New Way To Be Human comes close to 5 star rating for me. Strong 90s catalogue but really more of a 2000s and forward band.

Top 25 CCM Bands of the 1990s…

25. All Star United – 2 Albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: Self-Titled

My Favorite: Self-Titled

24. The Lost Dogs – 4 Albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: Little Red Riding Hood

My Favorite: Scenic Routes

23. The Waiting – 3 Albums (2 Classics)

Best Album: Blue Belly Sky

My Favorite: Blue Belly Sky

22. Living Sacrifice – 4 Albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: Reborn

My Favorite: None

21. Plankeye – 5 Albums (1 classic)

Best Album: Commonwealth

My Favorite: The One And Only

20. Petra – 6 Albums (2 Classics)

Best Album: Beyond Belief

My Favorite: No Doubt

19. Five Iron Frenzy – 3 Albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: Our Newest Album Ever!

My Favorite: Our Newest Album Ever!

18. The Choir – 4 albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: Circleslide

My Favorite: Circleslide

17. Stavesacre – 3 Albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: Speakeasy

My Favorite: None (😬 just can’t get into them though I’ve tried)

16. Adam Again – 4 Albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: Dig

My Favorite: Dig

15. Poor Old Lu – 4 Albums (2 classics)

Best Album: Sin

My Favorite: A Picture of the 8th Wonder

14. The 77s – 6 Albums (2 Classics)

Best Album: Sticks & Stones

My Favorite: Sticks & Stones

13. Daniel Amos – 4 Albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: Motor Cycle is amazing and should be given all the love and acclaim it’s due.

My Favorite: Motor Cycle

12. Delirious – 3 Albums (1 Classic)

Best Album: King of Fools

My Favorite: King of Fools

11. Caedmon’s Call – 2 Albums (2 classics)

Best Album: 40 Acres

My Favorite: Depends on the day…love them both!

10. Starflyer 59 – 5 Albums (2 classics)

Most innovative/Biggest Risk: The Fashion Focus

Best Album: Silver

My Favorite: Gold

Why they’re ranked #10: Five solid albums in the decade and for bringing shoegaze to Christian music.

9. PFR – 4 albums (2 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: Goldie’s Last Day

Best overall Album: Them

My Favorite: Great Lengths

Why they’re ranked #9: Multiple radio hit singles, a tight live show, four good to great albums released in the decade.

8. Audio Adrenaline – 5 albums (3 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: Some Kind of Zombie

Best Overall Album: Bloom

My Favorite: Bloom

Why they’re ranked #8: Five albums released in the decade, Their impact on youth ministry culture is undeniable, their live show was in the cream of the crop, and they had multiple hit songs that have stood up to the time test.

7. The Prayer Chain – 2 albums (2 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: Mercury

Most Popular: Shawl

My Favorite: Shawl

Why they’re ranked #7: Legendary Chrindie band, only two full length albums but both excellent. They dared to innovate with Mercury when they could have played it safe.

6. Sixpence’s None The Richer – 3 albums (2 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: This Beautiful Mess

Best Album: Self-Titled/This Beautiful Mess

My Favorite: Self-Titled

Why they’re ranked #6: One solid album and two classic albums, crossover success with “Kiss Me” and “There She Goes,” and for their perseverance as a band to keep making magical music despite continued label issues and red tape.

5. Jars of Clay – 3 albums (2 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: If I Left The Zoo

Best Album: Much Afraid/Self-Titled

My Favorite: Self-Titled

Why they’re ranked #5: Three high level albums, a great touring presence, crossover songs “Flood” and “Five Candles (You Were There).”

4. MxPx – 4 Albums (2 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: None

Best Album: Life In General

My Favorite: Slowly Going The Way of the Buffalo

Why they’re ranked #4: They made Tooth & Nail an iconic label (or the label made them?), mainstream crossover, touring relentlessly, “Punk Rawk Show.”

3. Third Day – 3 Albums (2 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: Conspiracy #5

Best Album: Conspiracy #5

My Favorite: Time

Why they’re ranked #3: Three great albums-all different, Hit songs galore, excellent live show, Mac’s bleach blonde hair phase.

2. The Newsboys – 7 Albums (3 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: Love, Liberty, Disco

Best Album: Take Me To Your Leader

My Favorite: Step Up To The Microphone

Why they’re ranked #2: Second best live show of the genre, a plethora of youth group songs, changing up their musical styles frequently, quirky lyrics. Dragged down by a few early 90s albums that haven’t aged well.

1. Dctalk – 4 albums (3 classics)

Most Innovative/Biggest Risk: Free at Last

Best Album: Jesus Freak

My Favorite: Free at Last (most of the time)

Why they’re #1: Best live show, hit after hit song, 3 out of 4 in the classic album department, some mainstream crossover success, innovation and excellence

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What are your thoughts? Did I miss any essential bands or rank them too low? What would your Top 10, 20 or 25 look like? Share in the comments and give a like or share if you enjoyed this ode to an excellent decade of music! – Happy listening!