CHH owes a lot to Lecrae. No, he isn’t an OG and stood on the shoulders of many preceding him, but he has done a lot to further the greater acceptance of rap in Christian music. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy, and at times full-on discouraging, but he has persevered across 10 albums spanning nearly 20 years and countless collabs. He helped crossover CHH into the mainstream, being the first to feature on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In addition he’s brought up others with him helping spur them to higher heights. Without a doubt, He’s worth celebrating. So highlight/celebrate we shall!

That said…Full disclosure—I’m less qualified to critique or even comment on much of hip-hop and rap, but I know a banger when I hear one. These are my twenty-five personal favorite Lecrae songs ranked, with playlist linked at the bottom of the post for you to tune in while working out, cleaning, or in need of some pump-me-up jams. Be sure to hit me up in the comments with your favorites and like and share with friends Yo I think would enjoy the conversation!

25. “Check In” – Rehab (2010)

24. “Go Hard” – Rebel (2008)

23. “Background” – Rehab (2010)

22. “Set Me Free” – Restoration (2020)

21. “Say I Won’t” – Anomaly (2014)

20. “Broke” – All Things Work Together (2017)

19. “Get Back Right” – Let the Trap Say Amen (2018)

18. “Nuthin” – Anomaly (2014)

17. “One Call” – No Church in Awhile (2021)

16. “Deja Vu” – Church Clothes (2016)

15. “Jesus Muzik” – After the Music Stops (2006)

14. “I Know” – Gravity (2012)

13. “Welcome to America” – Anomaly (2014)

12. “Children of the Light” – Rehab (2010)

11. “Deep End” – Restoration (2020)

Top 5 Albums from top left to right

10. “Used to Do it Too” – Rehab (2010)

9. “Drown” – Restoration (2020)

8. “High” – Rehab (2010)

7. “I’m Turnt” – Church Clothes II (2013)

6. “The King” – After the Music Stops (2006)

5. “Violence” – Gravity (2012)

4. “Coming in Hot” – Single (Feat. Andy Mineo) (2018)

3. “Been About it” – Single (Feat. Andy Mineo) (2021)

2. “I’ll Find You” – All Things Work Together (2017)

1. “Tell the World” – Gravity (2012)

Playlist to listen along:

Lecrae’s newest project dropped late 2021 and is a collab project with 1K Phew called No Church in Awhile. It’s really solid and worth a stream or two wherever you listen to music!

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