Indie artist John Van Deusen is a treasure. He has easily been my favorite songwriter of the last five years, while also releasing three of my favorite albums in that span. Two of them were my albums of the year in 2018 and 2019 respectively. His newest and final of the I am Origami series titled Marathon Daze is five-star worthy and is on my list of AOTY contenders. Re-visiting his prior work in prep of that album was a joy, so I decided to take a stab at identifying my twenty favorite songs. This list may evolve over time, but here’s what I’ve got for now.

P.S. He also just announced a 11.23.22 Christmas album release that I am very excited about. Check out his bandcamp page for more info Here.

On to the Top 20 John Van Deusen Songs!

1. “Oh Sweetest Name”Marathon Daze

This song has burrowed into my brain and I can’t stop listening to it.

2. “Calling All Cowards”Every Power Wide Awake

Hooky and dissonant to make a point.

3. “Marathon Daze” Marathon Daze

Yearning for quiet spaces and outdoor places. Passionate ending.

4. “Every Power Wide Awake”Every Power Wide Awake

Epic song of surrender featuring some terrific fuzz pedal and rolling piano.

5. “Social Sucker”Catacomb Hymn

It’s an earworm call to put down the social accounts.

6. “If All is Nothing/Nothing Must End”Catacomb Hymn

Achingly authentic.

7. “Always on Fire”The Universal Sigh

Fill me drunken with Your spirit
Good health and love is what I’ll inherit.

8. “Don’t Pitch Correct Me”The Universal Sigh

Defiant and playful.

9. “All Shall Be Well”Every Power Wide Awake

Beautiful finger picking and reminder that it’s gonna be okay.

10. “In The Morning” – Marathon Daze

One of the more uptempo numbers from his latest that juxtaposes a sad topic lyrically (mental health/suicide) with a hooky tune.

4.5 Star Album

11. “If I Get to Heaven” Pt. II – Marathon Daze

12. “Boring” – Marathon Daze

13. “Whatever Makes You Mine” – Catacomb Hymn

14. “None Other” – Every Power Wide Awake

15. “Absentee Heartbeat” – Universal Sigh

16. “Oslo” – Marathon Daze

17. “Patient Saint” – Marathon Daze

18. “I Will Praise Your Name, Yahweh” – Every Power Wide Awake

19. “I Was Six” – Universal Sigh

20. “My Jesus” – Every Power Wide Awake (D-Sides)

Here’s a playlist of songs (61 from Origami series) and a few collabs with other artists.

My reviews of his three most recent albums Every Power Wide Awake and Catacomb Hymn and Marathon Daze for more in-depth analysis if you’re interested.

How about you? What are your favorite John Van Deusen tracks? Let me know!

5 Star Album
4.5 Star Album
5 Star Album