Switchfoot…if it weren’t for a certain band called Jars of Clay they would be my favorite group, hands down. Regardless, Jon Foreman and Co. have written some of my favorite albums and songs of all-time. I still remember hearing the strains of “Chem 6A” and “Underwater” on a free music sampler, and from that day in 1997, I was hooked. So prolific and consistent in their output, I don’t think the band has ever made an album I didn’t atleast like, with three or four that I absolutely treasure. This list much like the Every Jars of Clay Song, Ranked Every dc Talk Song Ranked, Ranking Every Relient K Album, Every Sixpence None the Richer Song Ranked, before it, were a labor of love…and believe me, I love doing this. However, Nothing about this was easy, and If I’ve learned anything from previous posts it’s that I couldn’t possibly make everyone happy. This blog is likely to bring equal amounts of agreement and sharp cries of indignation…and I’m good with either, just be civil about your objections. Also, the band isn’t done so I may have to re-do this in the future (173 songs and counting!) so let’s just call this Every Switchfoot Song Ranked…So far…okay, no more yikkety yak, off we go!

173. “Lucky Man”Covers EP (2020)

Already you disagree?! It’s not a bad cover song per se, but this song without the strings is a travesty. Hey, something has to be last right?

172. “Amateur Lovers”Oh! Gravity (2006)

171. “Let’s Go Higher”Native Tongue (2019)

170. “Easier Than Love”Nothing is Sound (2005)

169. “Shine Like Gold” (Feat. Lifehouse) – (2017)

168. “Rebuild” (with Relient K and Ruth) – (2007)

167. “Sick Boy” – Covers EP (2020)

166. “Life and Love and Why” – The Legend of Chin (1997)

165. “Out of Control”Hawaii Five-O Soundtrack (2011)

164. “C’mon C’mon”Oh! EP (2006)

163. “We’re Gonna Be Alright”Native Tongue (2019)

162. “Swim Good”Covers EP (2020)

161. “Bullet Soul”Hello Hurricane (2009)

160. Adding to the Noise” – The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

This is the only one I’m tempted to skip from The Beautiful Letdown…it’s still good, just not top 100 song good.

159. “American Dream”Oh! Gravity (2006)

158. “The Sound in My Mouth”Oh! EP (2006)

157. “Lights Up” – Covers EP (2020)

I actually enjoy this song quite a bit, especially the deliciously funky bass groove. Still…it’s a cover.

156. “You’re the One I Want” – Native Tongue (2019)

155. “We Are Bound” – Eastern Hymns For Western Shores (2010)

154. “Connect With the Spine” – Eastern Hymns For Western Shores (2010)

153. “When Was The Last Time” – Where The Light Shines Through (2016)

152. “All I Need” – Native Tongue (2019)

The music is fine, after repeat listens the lyrics started to bother me for some reason. Maybe too cliche for what I’d come to expect?

151. “Enough to Let Me Go” – Hello Hurricane (2009)

150. “Electricity” – Interrobang (2021)

149. “Erosion” – Learning to Breathe (2000)

148. “Wonderful Feeling” – Native Tongue (2019)

147. “Another Christmas (Old Borego)” – Unreleased (2008)

146. “The World You Want” Fading West (2014)

145. “Yesterday’s”Oh! Gravity (2006)

144. “Burn Out Bright”Oh! Gravity (2006)

143. “Liberty”The Edge of the Earth (2014)

142. “Stupid Deep” – Covers EP (2020)

A bit lyrically cheesy, but I dig the rock direction they took the song. Reminds of “Dare You To Move.”

141. “Native Tongue” – Native Tongue (2019)

140. “Politicians” – Nothing is Sound (2005)

139. “Begin Forever” – Where The Light Shines Through (2016)

138. “The Day That I Found God” – Where The Light Shines Through (2016)

137. “Monday Comes Around”The Beautiful Letdown Bonus Track (2003)

136. “Say it Like You Mean It” Fading West (2014)

135. “All or Nothing At All”Fading West (2014)

134. “The Blues”Nothing is Sound (2005)

133. “Incomplete” – New Way To Be Human (1999)

132. “4:12”Oh! Gravity (2006)

131. “I Won’t Let You Go”Where the Light Shines Through (2016)

130. “Wolves” – Interrobang (2021)

129. “Goodnight Punk”Nothing is Sound Bonus Track (2005)

Short & sweet piano ballad with a playful charm.

128. “The Hard Way – Interrobang (2021)

127. “Souvenirs”Vice Verses (2011)

126. “The Original”Vice Verses (2011)

125. “Playing for Keeps”Learning To Breathe (2000)

124. “Thrive”Vice Verses (2011)

123. “Happy is a Yuppie Word” – Nothing is Sound (2005)

122. “I Turn Everything Over”New Way to Be Human (1999)

121. “Circles”Oh! Gravity (2006)

This is kinda second tier song from the Oh! Gravity album, but I listened to it a lot in college.

120. “Take My Fire”Native Tongue (2019)

Great wailing guitars, but it felt like I’d heard this song before…

119. “Prodigal Soul”Native Tongue (2019)

I love the passionate yelp Jon utilizes in this one.

118. “Amy’s Song”New Way to Be Human (1999)

117. “Splinter” – Interrobang (2021)

116. “Saltwater Heart”Fading West (2014)

115. “Awakening”Oh! Gravity (2006)

114. “Blinding Light”Vice Verses (2011)

113. “Yet” Hello Hurricane (2009)

112. “Healer of Souls” Where the Light Shines Through (2016)

111. “The Strength to Let Go” – Native Tongue (2019)

This was an important song for me the year it released during a turbulent year in my personal life.

110. “The Bones of Us” – Interrobang (2021)

109. “Overthrow”Eastern Hymns for Western Shores (2010)

Dark and delicious, this one would fit the sonics of The Edge of the Earth EP.

108. “Backwards in Time” – Interrobang (2021)

107. “Selling the News” – Vice Verses (2011)do

106. “The Setting Sun”Nothing Is Sound (2005)

105. “Against the Voices”The Edge of the Earth (2014)

This whole EP is fantastic, and I kinda wish I’d ranked this one higher…too late!

104. “My Place In the Sunshine”Where The Light Shines Through Bonus Track (2016)

I really dig this one as a deep cut bonus track…reminds me of their earlier career in it’s rawness.

103. “Let Your Love Be Strong”Oh! Gravity (2006)

102. “Red Eyes” – Hello Hurricane (2009)

101. “Ode to Chin”Legend of Chin (1997)

100. “Bloodlines” Where The Light Shines Through Bonus Track (2016)

Sneaking just into the top 100 has less to do with how awesome this song is and how new it is to me. Swirling and majestic, this is worth tracking down on youtube.

99. “The Edge of the Earth”The Edge of the Earth (2014)

98. “Who We Are”Fading West (2014)

97. “The War Inside”Vice Verses (2011)

96. “The Hardest Art”Native Tongue (2019)

Very different type of song for the fellas and it took me awhile to warm to it, but now it’s a favorite.

95. “Back to the Beginning Again” – Fading West (2014)

Another great closing track for a band who always seems to end with a bang. A great driving song.

94. “When We Come Alive”Fading West (2014)

93. “Oxygen”Native Tongue (2019)

92. “The Fatal Wound”Nothing is Sound (2005)

Acoustic based and moody, this one checks all the boxes of my taste…plus, harmonica.

91. “The Loser”Learning to Breathe (2000)

This one was a fun anthem for me in late high school/early college.

90. “Living is Simple”Learning to Breathe (2000)

89. “Restless” – Vice Verses (2011)

88. “New Years Day” – (2015)

87. “You Already Take Me There”Learning to Breathe (2000)

86. “What it Cost” The Edge of the Earth (2014)

Tim shines on vocals in a tender and understated way, surprised he hasn’t taken lead more often.

85. “Ammunition”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

84. “The Beautiful Letdown”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

83. “Lost Cause” – Interrobang (2021)

82. “Edge of My Seat”Legend of Chin (1997)

Early Switchfoot was raw and earnest, and I have fond memories of listening to this album over and over as a teen.

81. “Innocence Again” – Learning to Breathe (2000)

80. Evergreen” – Happy Christmas Vol. 4 (2005)

Typically I’m not a fan of Christmas music, but this original tune makes me desirous of a full album of Switchfoot Christmas tunes. Curiosity and all.

79. “Where The Light Shines Through”Where the Light Shines Through (2016)

78. “Sing it Out” Hello Hurricane (2009)

77. “Skin and Bones”The Edge of the Earth (2014)

76. “Paparazzi”Learning to Breathe (2000)

Like, “Chem 6A” and “Company Car” before it, “Paparazzi” makes an important point with tongue slightly in cheek.

75. “Golden”Nothing is Sound (2005)

74. “Let it Out”Fading West (2014)

73. “Always”Hello Hurricane (2009)

72. “Light and Heavy”Where the Light Shines Through (2016)

71. “Might Have Ben-Hur”Legend of Chin (1997)

“This one goes out to Charlton Heston…” Delightfully noisy and clever.

70. “Something More (Augustine’s Confession)”New Way To Be Human (1999)

69. “Under the Floor” New Way to Be Human (1999)

68. “This is Home”Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack (2008)

67. “This is Your Life”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

66. “Holy Water”Where the Light Shines Through (2016)

65. “Bomb”Legend of Chin (1997)

Slow burner that ultimately delivers a satisfying explosion and some terrific guitar soloing. The talent here early on is obvious.

64. “Afterlife”Vice Verses (2011)

63. “Bull in a China Shop”Where the Light Shines Through (2016)

62. “We Are One Tonight” – Nothing Is Sound (2005)

61. “Faust, Midas, and Myself”Oh! Gravity (2006)

Cool idea of a story song that’s well executed. Love the guitar groove. This continues a lifelong message of anti-consumerism for the band woven throughout their songs.

60. “Hope is the Anthem” – Where The Light Shines Through (2016)

59. “Live it Well”Where the Light Shines Through (2016)

58. “Stitches” Eastern Hymns for Western Shores (2010)

Another slow burn ballad/B-side offering that I seem to be unavoidably drawn to.

57. “Underwater”Legend of Chin (1997)

56. “Slow Down My Heartbeat” The Edge of the Earth (2014)

Brooding. Atmospheric. Dark. Excellent.

55. “Voices” (Lindsey Sterling Version)Native Tongue (2019)

The original version of the song is fine, but I much prefer the stringed version featuring Lindsey Sterling…I understand it didn’t fit the overall cohesion of the album, but I think it takes the song to the next level and makes it so much more interesting.

54. “You” Legend of Chin (1997)

53. Concrete Girl” – Legend of Chin (1997)

52. “If I Were You” – Interrobang (2021)

51. “Head Over Heels (In This Life)”Oh! Gravity (2006)

50. “The Economy of Mercy”Learning to Breathe (2000)

One of many standout lyrics from the pen of Jon Foreman…”In the economy of mercy/I am a poor and begging man/In the currency of grace is where my song begins”

49. “Float” Where the Light Shines Through (2016)

48. “Sooner or Later (Soren’s Song)”New Way to Be Human (1999)

47. “Rise Above It”Vice Verses (2011)

46. “The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues)” – Hello Hurricane (2009)

45. “Slipping Away”Fading West (2014)

The Fading West album through me for a loop musically, but it has become one I return to more often that I thought I would. This is a highlight pop/rock track from their album that was never intended to be an album album.

44. Fluorescent” – Interrobang (2021)

43. “Hello Hurricane”Hello Hurricane (2009)

This album came out during a rough patch of life and helped carry me through. The song is joyfully defiant.

42. “More Than Fine”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

41. “Home”Legend of Chin (1997)

40. I Need You (To Be Wrong)” – Interrobang (2021)

39. “Needle & Haystack Life” Hello Hurricane (2009)

The one where they sound more like U2 than U2 had in years. Well done.

38. “Joy Invincible”Native Tongue (2019)

Another anthem that has been an important reminder to this melancholy soul where my hope comes from.

37. “Daisy” – Nothing is Sound (2005)

36. “Spirit”Listen Louder Complication (1999)

Many songs by the band have taken my soul to places of worship, but perhaps none more than this one.

35. “Redemption”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

Just read these lyrics and then go listen to the song…

“I’ve got my hand in redemption’s side /Whose scars are bigger than these doubts of mine /I’ll fit all of these monstrosities inside /and I’ll come alive”

34. “Fading West”The Edge of the Earth (2014)

33. “Company Car” – New Way To Be Human (1999)

32. “Harmony Hall”Covers EP (2020)

Yes, perhaps crazy for a cover song just released to rank so high, but this is a exceptional song…and it did that rare thing that made me want to check out the original band (Vampire Weekend) and actually LIKE said band enough to listen through a good portion of their catalogue.

31. “Don’t Be There”Legend of Chin (1997)

30. “Ba55”Fading West (2014)

The bass lick in this song is perfect…fuzzy driving.

29. “Revenge”Oh! Gravity bonus track (2006)

I connected with this one immediately and was glad Foreman recorded a version on his solo offerings. Mournful and easy going.

28. “Love is the Movement”Learning to Breathe (2000)

27. “Stars” – Nothing Is Sound (2005)

26. “Free” Hello Hurricane (2009)

25. “Lonely Nation”Nothing is Sound (2005)

24. “ On Fire”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

This should probably be ranked higher as it is such a great track, but then again, we’ve reached the point in the list where it would be near impossible for me to shift anything around.

23. “Dark Horses”Vice Verses (2011)

22. “Dig New Streams”Native Tongue (2019)

I love the twists and turns of this one.

21. “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight”Fading West

20. “Let It Happen”Native Tonge (2019)

I’ve said it about many of the songs, but this one has been a comfort for me to sing loudly in private times of frustration and sorrow.

19. “Vice Verses”Vice Verses (2011)

18. “Beloved” – Interrobang (2021)

A fun sing-a-long track for the car…because where else?

17. “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine” – Nothing is Sound (2005)

16. “Daylight To Break” Eastern Hymns For Western Shores EP (2010)

Alt rock tune with some Beach Boys inspired harmonies/vocals? I’m down…longtime favorite song. 

15. “Gone” The Beautiful Letdown – (2003)

They did a concert version of this one with a four part harmony breakdown that I’ll never forget. Fantastic. 

14. “Oh! Gravity”Oh! Gravity (2006)

The piano mash alone makes this a favorite…such a fun moment on an unfairly maligned album.

13. “Your Love Is A Song”Hello Hurricane (2009)

12. “Chem 6A” Legend of Chin (1997)

The song that first drew me in.

11. “Only Hope”New Way To Be Human (1999)

10. “Learning To Breathe”Learning To Breathe (2000)

“Hello good morning, how are you? What makes your rising sun so new?” Not sure what attracts me to this one exactly, I just know I’ve never wavered. This took a last second jump up the list from 15 to 10 after I re-listened again this morning. Can’t hold it back. 

9. “Dirty Second Hands” Oh! Gravity (2006)

This is one of the bands most experimental songs on their most experimental album and I”m here for it. 

8. “New Way To Be Human”New Way To Be Human (1999)

Great song. inspired by a great book by musician/producer/writer Charlie Peacock. The music video is also super memorable. 

7. “24”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

Another belt it out in the car song, the wife and I both know this one word for word so it takes a special place in my heart and this ranking. 

6. “If The House Burns Down Tonight” Where The Light Shines Through (2016)

I didn’t think it possible for the band to keep created songs so late in their career that would so capture me, but I was wrong to doubt them. It’s all here…music…musicality. Second half of the song is my favorite. 

5. “Where I Belong”Vice Verses (2011)

Pretty amazing that it was 14-15 years into their career before they wrote the career defining album closer…but then again I shouldn’t be surprised as they are the rare band that keeps getting better with age. 

4. “Let That Be Enough”New Way To Be Human (1999)

This is THE ballad of ballads from a band that excels at them. I’ve never not loved this track. 

3. “Mess of Me” Hello Hurricane (2009)

Guitars, guitars, guitars! Plus some haunting vocals that set up the explosive chorus. 

2. “Meant To Live”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

Maybe the song they are most known for in mainstream circles, it rocks and earnestly declares the Scriptural truth that living for this life alone is empty…we were meant to live for so much more…it could be worthy of the top spot, but it’s my second to…

1. “Dare you To Move”The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

…The other mainstream hit from their best overall album (yeah, I said it!). Everything about this song is perfect to me. I could understand if fans have other songs as their favorite but will fight anyone (verbally that is 🙂 that doesn’t include it in their top 10 at the very least.

So there it is! Up to date as of the beginning of 2022. If Switchfoot cranks out another album or two we may hit 200+ songs. Hope you enjoyed the read through! Share your favorite tunes from the band in the comments!

Here’s my updated album rankings for Switchfoot: Ranking Switchfoot Albums (Updated 2021) and a review for their latest: Switchfoot – Interrobang Album Review