Picking a Top 10 Favorite Bands of All-Time for this longtime music fan wasn’t easy, but I’m pretty happy with where I landed. I think that this ranking will likely hold true going forward. I endeavored to be as true to ranking these favorites based off of their average album rank, but you will notice a few inconsistencies. In those instances it’s simply a band who I enjoy more individual songs by than another or just listen to more overall. Here we go!

10. The Beatles

I didn’t become fully aware of the Beatles until my college years, though I had heard isolated songs like “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” and their complication album 1 which released in 2000. Since, I’ve come to love as many as 50 of their songs while appreciating many others. They are more a songs than albums band for me, but I consider Abbey Road, Sgt Peppers, and Hard Days Night as all-time great albums. Great band! Top 50 Beatles Songs, How The Beatles Changed Music

Please Please Me4 Stars

With the Beatles3.5 Stars

A Hard Days Night4.5 Stars

Beatles for Sale – 4 Stars

Help!4 Stars

Rubber Soul4.5 Stars

Revolver 4.5 Stars

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band5 Stars

The Beatles (White Album) 4 Stars

Yellow Submarine3.5 Stars

Abbey Road5 Stars

Let it Be3.5 Stars

Average of Discography = 4 Stars

9. Coldplay

I don’t care if people hate Coldplay, and look down on my taste because I dig them…they are just perfectly in the zone for what I enjoy. Mostly. You’ll notice that my fandom of their work begins to dip after album six—though I always find a song or two to latch onto. Other Coldplay related blogs here: Every Coldplay Song Ranked, Ranking Coldplay

Parachutes5 Stars

Rush of Blood to the Head4.5 Stars

X&Y4 Stars

Viva La Vida5 Stars

Mylo Xyloto4 Stars

Ghost Stories4.5 Stars

A Head Full of Dreams3 Stars

Everyday Life3.5 Stars

Music of the Spheres2.5 Stars

Average of Discography = 4 Stars

8. Caedmon’s Call

Caedmon’s Call falls into the category of formative band during my formative years alongside others you will see on the list. I love the acoustic base of their work, the B3 Hammond organ, introspective and thoughtful lyrics…it’s all just…perfect. There are four incredible albums in this discography and I’m happy to finally be able to get their self titled on vinyl. 40 Acres is a record I’m always in the mood for, and will always be my favorite CC album. Top 20 Songs of 20 Artists: Caedmon’s Call

Self Titled5 Stars

40 Acres5 Stars

Long Line of Leavers4.5 Stars

In the Company of Angels4 Stars

Back Home4 Stars

Share the Well 4.5 Stars

In the Company of Angels II3.5 Stars

Overdressed4 Stars

Raising Up the Dead3.5 Stars

Average of Discography = 4.22 Stars

7. Needtobreathe

These southern alt/rockers are in the conversation for Top 5 bands of the 2010s. They have such a strong catalogue, and put on one of the best live shows I’ve had the pleasure to see. Additionally, there is a consistency to their work that I appreciate. As a lyricist, Bear continually hits the mark.

Daylight4 Stars

The Heat4 Stars

The Outsiders4.5 Stars

The Reckoning4.5 Stars

Rivers in the Wasteland 4.5 Stars

Hard Love4 Stars

Out of Body4.5 Stars

Into the Mystery4 Stars

Average of Discography = 4.25 Stars

6. Twenty One Pilots

The most recent band to make the list as most of the others started in the 90s, and/or have had long careers spanning 5+ albums. When it comes to crafting modern day alt/pop/rock songs this duo is hard to top. Add the masterclass world building/story behind the last few albums and an insane live show and you have the recipe for greatness. To me, Blurryface is a masterpiece. Top 20 Songs of 20 Artists: Twenty One Pilots

Self Titled4 Stars

Regional at Best3.5 Stars

Vessels4.5 Stars

Blurryface5 Stars

Trench4.5 Stars

Scaled & Icy4 Stars

Average of Discography = 4.25 Stars

5. PFR

Jangle Pop with tight harmonies, catchy melodies, great rock guitar moments, and relatable lyrics. I love this band and their all-too-brief body of work. I wish they’d made more music, but I’m very grateful for what I have. Every PFR Song Ranked, PFR Songs: A Top 20 Ranking

Pray for Rain4 Stars

Goldie’s Last Day4.5 Stars

Great Lengths5 Stars

Them4.5 Stars

Disappear4 Stars

Average of Discography = 4.4 Stars

4. Sixpence None the Richer

Sixpence None the Richer is a great band. Unfortunately, many music listeners would give them the dreaded one-hit wonder label, thinking that their smash pop hit “Kiss Me” is the pinnacle of their work. While it’s certainly their most known/streamed song, I would contend that it is far from their best, and really an outlier to their overall sound. The three album stretch of This Beautiful Mess, S/T, and Divine Discontent are superb. Ranking Sixpence None The Richer, Every Sixpence None the Richer Song Ranked

The Fatherless & The Widow3.5 Stars

This Beautiful Mess5 Stars

Self Titled5 Stars

Divine Discontent4.5 Stars

The Dawn of Grace 4 Stars

Lost in Transition4 Stars

Average of Discography = 4.33 Stars

3. Relient K

A recent run through their discography revealed a new found love for Forget & Not Slow Down, an album I had previously appreciated, but didn’t fully connect with until this year. I just decided after much deliberation that it is a 5 Star album. The rest of the catalogue is also brilliant ranging from goofy pop/punk to mature piano-infused pop. The run of records from 2 Lefts to Forget & Not Slow Down is nearly perfect.

Self Titled4 Stars

The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek4 Stars

Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right…But Three Do4.5 Stars

MmHmm 5 Stars

5 Score and Seven Years Ago4.5 Stars

Let it Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer 4 Stars

The Bird & the Bee Sides4 Stars

Forget and Not Slow Down5 Stars

K is for Karaoke3.5 Stars

Collapsible Lung2.5 Stars

Air for Free4.5 Stars

Average of Discography = 4.13 Stars

2. Switchfoot

What a discography! Aside from a minor misstep of Native Tongue, (which still has several great songs) they nearly always land a good to classic album with me. I own them all, though none on vinyl yet. The Beautiful Letdown is their magnum opus thus far, and I don’t seeing it being surpassed. And they put on a great live show full of energy. Another consistently solid band. Every Switchfoot Song Ranked (Updated), Ranking Switchfoot Albums (Updated 2022), Switchfoot – Interrobang Album Review

The Legend of Chin4 Stars

New Way to Be Human4.5 Stars

Learning to Breathe4 Stars

The Beautiful Letdown5 Stars

Nothing is Sound 5 Stars

Oh! Gravity4.5 Stars

Hello Hurricane 4.5 Stars

Vice Verses4.5 Stars

Fading West4 Stars

Where the Light Shines Through3.5 Stars

Native Tongue3.5 Stars

Interrobang4.5 Stars

Average of Discography = 4.29 Stars

1. Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay. I’ve loved them since first hearing/seeing the “Flood” music video, singing “Love Song for a Savior,” rocking out to “Liquid,” and being moved to tears by “Worlds Apart.” Then Much Afraid, and every album since has taken time to adjust to, some taking longer than others to fully “get” or appreciate. But love them all I do. I own everything I’ve been able to get my hands on, other than a few select and still desired rarities like the Frail demo and the Stringtown album. I can always return to Jars when I need a lift, or if I’m feeling chill/melancholy. I’ve also blogged about them most of any band artist and seen them live the most of any band. Every Jars of Clay Song Ranked, Ranking Jars of Clay

Self Titled5 Stars

Much Afraid5 Stars

If I Left the Zoo4 Stars

The Eleventh Hour4.5 Stars

Who We Are Instead4.5 Stars

Redemption Songs4 Stars

Good Monsters4.5 Stars

Christmas Songs4.5 Stars

The Long Fall Back to Earth4.5 Stars

The Shelter 4 Stars

Inland4.5 Stars

Average of Discography = 4.45 Stars

I’d course I’d be remiss if I didn’t drop a few honorable mentions that just missed. So here are five…

House of Heroes


The Newsboys (1992-2009)


Audio A (1992-2005)